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Scratch and Dent Insurance is specifically designed to cover the cost of repairing your body panels of your vehicle as a result of minor body damage. The aim of Scratch and Dent insurance is to offer a quick and effective repair to the damage of your vehicle, which will be carried out by our approved repairer, using pioneering forms of refurbishment and repair techniques. The repair is always a remote repair, an approved repairer will arrange for a convenient time and place to come out and repair the damage.


Scratch & Dent Insurance with 30cm coverage over 2 body panels


There is no maximum number of claims, instead you have a maximum repair benefit of £3,000. You have the ability to select from 2 and 3 years of cover.

Key Features

  • No Maximum No. of Claims
  • £3,000 Maximum Repair Benefit
  • £25 Excess/Call Out Charge
  • Upto 30cm in Diameter (refer to 'What's Covered?')
  • Repair comes with a 5 Year Guarantee
  • 30 Day Claims Waiting Period (i.e can't make a claim within the first 30 days)


Shortfall Scratch & Dent Insurance is underwritten by Mapfre | Abraxas and all claims are handled by Abraxas, who are based in Bristol.


You don't have to purchase any other policy alongside the Scratch & Dent Insurance.


Please Note: You can only purchase Scratch & Dent Insurance if you have collected the vehicle within the last 30 days.       


What is Scratch & Dent Insurance?


If you were to wake up one morning to find that your car had incurred damage, such as being scratched with a key, or you had experienced minor damage to your vehicle by other means, then it could be extremely expensive to have the damage repaired.


Your choices, without Scratch and Dent Insurance would be to either pay for the damage to be repaired yourself, or to live looking at the damage day in and day out, everytime you get in and out of your vehicle. 


Scratch and Dent Insurance can protect you against minor damage such as this and can ensure that you are not left paying the bill for unavoidable minor damage, which could potentially cost a significant amount of money.

Your Scratch & Dent Insurance policy will cover ...


Within the period of your Scratch and Dent Insurance, we will pay for the cost of repairs resulting from minor body damage which has occurred to a single external panel of the vehicle within the Geographical limit.


Claims will be handled by the Claims Administrator and the repairs will be carried out by our approved repairer, who will make all efforts to affect the repair to your satisfaction. There is no limit to the number of claims you can make, instead there is a maximum repair benefit of £3,000


You will be covered for:

Vertical Surfaces are covered for:

a) Chips (up to 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth)

b) Scratches (up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth)

c) Dents (up to 150mm in diameter and 3mm in depth)


Flat/Horizontal Surfaces are covered for:

a) Chips (up to 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth – weatherproofing only)

b) Scratches (up to 300mm in length and 3mm in depth)


Bumpers are covered for:

a) Scuffs (up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm in depth)


In the case of multiple chips, scratches, dents or scuffs caused by the same incident, the total diameter of the combined damaged area must be no more than 300mm, however the individual limits above will still apply.


All work carried out by the Approved Repairer will be provided with a five year guarantee, provided by the Approved Repairer. 

What your Scratch and Dent Insurance will not cover?


1. Minor Cosmetic Damage that occurs within the first 30 days from the Start Date. 


2. Anything that cannot be defined as Minor Cosmetic Damage or Minor Cosmetic Damage that extends across more than 2 body panels. In the event that the damage extends across more than 2 body panels, the entire claim will be excluded.


3. Chips to any flat/horizontal surface of the Insured Vehicle. In this instance the damage can be weatherproofed only


4. Dents to any flat/horizontal surfaces of the Insured Vehicle.


5. Scuffs where the front or rear bumper has been cracked, ripped, torn or perforated.


6. Damage to the structure/alignment of a panel; the replacement of any body part, part of a panel or bumper.


7. Minor Cosmetic Damage caused by any gradual process, for example repeated key scratching around locks; fading; rust; hail; bird droppings or tree sap. 


8. Any costs for Repair that the Claims Administrator does not authorise in advance. 


9. Any claim where in the opinion of the Approved Repairer a Repair cannot be effectively carried out, or any Repair where work will need to be completed by a body shop.


10. Damage to the Alloy Wheels on the vehicle.


If you would like to protect yourself from any accidental damage to your Alloy Wheels, you can purchase a separate policy.


For the full terms and conditions please click here.



Can you buy Scratch & Dent Insurance?


All forms of insurance will have different eligibility requirements and Scratch & Dent Insurance is no different. Providing you fit the below criteria, you should have the ability to purchase a form of protection from

  1. Your vehicle is a Car
  2. You have to have purchased your vehicle within the last 30 days.
  3. You have purchased your vehicle from a VAT Registered Garage or Main Dealership.
  4. You use your vehicle for Social, Domestic & Pleasure Inc Commuting.
  5. Your car is less than 5 years old and has less than 80,000 miles on the clock.
  6. You own your vehicle or have the direct option to own as part of the finance agreement.


Other eligibility requirements may apply.

Who underwrites my Scratch & Dent Insurance policy?


Thank you for choosing Aequitas Automotive Limited trading as to protect your vehicle against minor body damage with a Scratch and Dent insurance policy. 


Your policy has been specially designed to cover the cost of repairs to the body panels on your vehicle as a result of minor body damage which occur within the geographical limits. Our aim is to provide a quick and effective repair carried out by our approved repairer using pioneering repair and refurbishment techniques. 


Your Scratch and Dent Insurance is arranged by Aequitas Automotive Limited trading as


If your policy has been arranged after the 01/11/2016 your policy is underwritten by Mapfre Asistencia and the claims administrator are Abraxas Insurance Administration Services Limited. 


If your policy was arranged prior to the 31/10/2016 the underwriter for your policy will have been UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance. However, please refer to your policy documentation for further clarification or contact a member of the customer services team on 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556. 


All policies are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK. 


As you would expect, you will receive a first class service that's always reliable and handles claims quickly and efficiently. Please ensure that you read your policy document and that you fully understand the terms and conditions relating to the policy as it explains how the policy works and the benefits you enjoy as a policyholder.


If you have any questions about your Scratch and Dent Insurance or any of your details are incorrect, please contact the administrator. 


Always keep your policy document in your vehicle, as you must present it to the Approved Repairer before we will accept a claim for repair. 




You will only be eligible for cover under this policy if your vehicle has a standard paint finish, which is not self healing, chrome illusion, two-tone or has a matte finish or vinyl wrap. 


Please make a note of the policy number that is allocated to you on your policy schedule and keep it with this document, as you will need this in the event of a claim. 

How to make a claim


In all cases please adopt the following procedure:


Check that the damage is covered under the policy (check 'What you are covered for')


Call the Claims Administrator on Claims Team Numbers: 0330 400 1639 | 01454 400 1639


You will need to supply the following information:


The policy number (found on the policy schedule);


Your vehicle registration number;


Details of the minor body damage, when it occurred and how the damage was caused;


Electronic images of the minor body damage. 


Dates when the vehicle can be inspected and repaired, if your claim is covered. 



A. Repairs must be carried out by the Approved Repairer appointed by the Claims Administrator. 

B. If your claim is authorised we will settle the claim directly with the Approved Repairer. 

C. Please ensure that the authrised repairer can conduct the repair in a safe environment. For example if you live at the side of a main road then it would not be safe for the repairer to undertake any repairs in that situation. The repairer may also need access to a power source to undertake the repair.


Claims helpline 01454 400 1639


To make sure that you receive the highest levels of service, telephone calls to the Administrator and Claims Administrator may be recorded.