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Entering your payment details on-line is a very serious matter.Security at Shortfall


You will therefore, be pleased to know that we have a number of security systems which means that your details remain safe and secure.



Trust Wave is a totally independent organisation which scans and monitors our systems to ensure that they are secure.


From the way in which our systems are controlled at the server level to the way in which the data is transmitted to our payment processing facility every step of the way is controlled, monitored and verified.


You can confirm our verification by clicking on the Trust Wave icon at the bottom of the screen.


For your security as well as ours if you call a member of the team and provide your payment details they are instantaneously loaded onto our secure systems and then the operator's terminal is completely cleansed.


Our offices have a total three separate physical locking Systems.


So while no building is ever free from the risk of certain elements of society attempting to gain access we have taken every reasonable precaution possible.


Even once inside our offices our computer systems are controlled by passwords which are changed randomly. If the wrong password is entered more than three times the system is completely locked down until a senior member of the team reactivates the system.


Once the computers are live and running in order to be able to gain access to customers files the system will prompt an operator to answer random information unique to you. Again if the information is loaded incorrectly then the system will automatically shut down.


Backups of data are made and stored in a separate location on independent servers.



The Insurer

If your policy (with the exception of Motor Excess Insurance, please see below) has been arranged after the 01/11/2016 your policy is underwritten by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA Compania Internacional de Seguros y Reaseguros Sociedad Anonima which is authorised by Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.


The Administrator


Any claim on the policy will be processed by Abraxas Insurance Administration Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurer MAPFRE ASISTENCIA.


Abraxas Insurance Administration Services Limited trades under the recognised names of MAPFRE Abraxas and is a market leader in GAP insurance and one of the most recognised brands in the UK automotive sector with partnerships with some of the industry's most well-known dealers and manufacturers.


MAPFRE ABRAXAS focuses on a consultative approach by getting to know each business they work with first, to then recommend the most suitable insurance programme. As a recognised leader in the market, they have many long-standing successful relationships with leading brokers, finance houses, car dealers and manufacturers.


There is no surprise that their in-house expertise and flexibility when it comes to product design has lead them to be repeatedly recognised and awarded AM “Dealer Recommended for GAP” in 2013, 2014 and 2016 in the UK. They aim to make sure every solution is tailor made to their partners and their customers. Their product portfolio includes GAP insurance, motor warranty, MOT insurance, tyre & wheel cover, cosmetic repair insurance, motor excess, service plan and roadside assistance.


Who is MAPFRE?


The MAPFRE Group was founded in Spain in 1933 with international expansion starting to gather pace from 1984 onwards. They have 3 successful divisions - Domestic Insurance, International Insurance and Global Business - and employ over 36,000 people across the world.MAPFRE Office Bristol


MAPFRE ASISTENCIA is part of the Global Business division of MAPFRE GROUP. It was formed in 1989 and has operations across Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. It specialises in Assistance and Speciality Risks across the Finance, Insurance, Automotive and Travel sectors. MAPFRE ASISTENCIA has over 1,500 corporate clients accounting for 90 million people and over 195 million beneficiaries worldwide.


MAPFRE, for policy purchases after 1/11/16, underwrite Shortfall products in the following categories:


Gap Insurance

Tyre Insurance

Alloy Wheel Insurance

Combined Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Cosmetic Repair Insurance


Motor Excess Insurance


If you purchase a new, or renew a current Shortfall Motor Excess Insurance policy after 1/11/2016 then your Motor Excess Insurance policy is underwritten by Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd and all claims are administered by Spectrum Insurance Services Ltd, who are based in Sheffield.


Shortfall policies arranged prior to 31/10/16


If your policy was arranged prior to the 31/10/2016 the underwriter for your policy will have been UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Ageas Insurance. However, please refer to your policy documentation for further clarification or contact a member of the customer services team on 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556.



We take your security very seriously from physical and virtual security systems to the way in which our team are trained. Our systems and management controls help us to maintain your information and ensure that it is protected at all times.


Our Website and payment facilities are not only protected by systems that transmit data to and from each other in special encrypted format but it is also randomly scanned at least once everyday to ensure that the integrity of the systems are maintained.


Our buildings have three different physical locks and a key code enter system which must be entered to gain access to the systems which hold your information. Each computer has an individual pass-codes and login details which are changed on set intervals.


Even then only team members who need to be able to gain access to basic information about you have access and even then they will only have limited information displayed.


None of your payment details are ever kept or stored and the moment that a team member processes a policy for you, their system is automatically cleansed and wiped clean of any trace of your payment details.


Again for your security and in line with our company ethos you will be pleased to know that none of your information is sold, passed on, given or used for any marketing purposes. We will also never contact a customer unsolicited.

Transmitting data online has to be very strictly controlled and monitored to ensure that it is not intercepted as this could potentially lead to someone being able to gain access to your personal information. 


When you buy items online simply put, your computer has to be able to talk directly to another to confirm orders and process payments.


You will notice as your surf the Internet that you will see on many Websites mention of an SSL, some like ours will even turn the top of your browser green or you may see a little lock symbol.


So what is an SSL and why is it important?


An SSL, to give its full name a Secure Socket Layer, is a special file which holds a finger print of the domain name of the Website that you are using. For example This special finger print is heavily encoded so it cannot be forged or duplicated and is then uploaded to our secure dedicated servers.


Every time you search for a page, enter details or complete a payment the two systems are talking to each other, secretly passing unique codes and encryptions to each other to make sure that their communication has not been intercepted. 


An SSL therefore means that you can view, load and enter details safely in the knowledge that your data is not being intercepted as the two systems send each other special codes and encryptions to use during the conversation.


This system is then independently checked by our PCI system. This totally separate system randomly scans and monitors the SSL and our systems to double check that there is no inference.