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Instant Gap Insurance quote for your Ford

We know money does not grow on trees so finding the right level of cover for your Ford at a fair price has never been more important.

Click for an instant Gap Insurance quotation in under 2 minutes.

Save up to 75% in comparison with main dealership costs with absolutely no dilution of cover, customer service, policy performance, or claims payout.

Shortfall Insurance for your Ford

What can Shortfall Insurance do for your Ford?

This page has been designed to help you understand Shortfall Gap Insurance and why it is important for you, your Ford and most importantly, your finances.

Gap Insurance protects you the only way insurance can, financially, and activates when and if your Ford is written off. Don't forget that cars lose value over time. Your own insurance company are only legally obligated to offer you the market value of your Ford on the day it was written off. This could be thousands of pounds less than you originally paid. Without any form of gap insurance, you must cope with any financial ramifications alone.

Most drivers first hear about Shortfall Insurance while finalising all the vehicle paperwork at the dealership. The salesperson would likely have informed you about their type of Shortfall Insurance and its importance, which caught your attention. You probably listened closely while realising how important Shortfall Insurance may be to you. However, you may have found your attention fading away when the salesperson quoted you the average dealership Shortfall Insurance price of £399. Most likely, you politely declined the offer and decided to go home and do what you always do when you're in a dilemma… ask Google.

Now your Google search has taken you to us,, and as you can see you can find Gap Insurance at much lower prices.

Our Gap Insurance policies are genuine, tried and tested and up to 85% cheaper than main dealership prices.

What our Ford owners and policy holders say about us?

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Mr Steven Totman

Combined Vehicle Replacement


Mr Steven Totman

Combined Vehicle Replacement

"Excellent site explained things really clearly and concise."

Mrs Joanna Cullimore

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Mrs Josephine Piers

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Mr Tim O'Connell

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Alloy Wheel Insurance

"Great price"

Mr Kevin Todd

Excess Protection

"This was a renewal of an existing policy; there was no "renewal" button to make the process quicker, i.e. I had to enter all my details, personal and car, instead of you getting my existing policy up, and me then making any changes!"

Mr William Kendall Hall

Scratch & Dent Insurance



Combined Return to Invoice

"Very easy to set up and very competitive rates! "

Mr Andrew Yeates

Run Flat Tyre & Alloy Insurance

"Very polite and couldn't have been more helpful when I rang just to see what the service was like before signing up. The signing up itself was very easy to complete."

Mr Tim Pickthall

History of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is an American car manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The company was founded by Henry Ford and was incorporated in 1903. Ford also owns small stakes in Mazda and Aston Martin.

The Ford company is the second biggest U.S.-based car manufacturer and the fifth largest in the world based on vehicle sales produced in 2010. In the 20th Century, Henry Ford had his first attempt at owning a car company using his name, the Henry Ford Company, in 1901; this was changed to Cadillac Motor Company in 1902 after Ford left and took the rights to his name.

The Ford Motor Company was then launched in 1903 at a converted factory using $28,000 from twelve investors. Horace and John Dodge were two of the investors (who later founded their own company). During the starting years at Ford, the firm produced just a small number of cars daily at the company factory in Michigan.

Groups of around two or three men worked on each vehicle. They assembled them with parts that were acquired from supplier companies that were contracting for the Ford company. The company led the world with the assembly line concept in just a decade. The company then brought a lot of the car part production in-house, in vertical integration, which seemed to be a much better path at the time. Henry Ford was forty years old when he founded the company, and it became one of the most profitable and largest in the world. It was also one to survive through the Great Depression. The family has continuously run the company over the past Century.

The first engine to have a removable cylinder head was produced by Ford in 1908, the Model T. 22 years later, in 1930, the firm produced the Model A, the first-ever vehicle to feature the use of safety glass in the windshield. From 1956 Ford offered the Lifeguard safety package, which used such innovative technologies as a deep-dish steering wheel, optional front and the very first use of rear seatbelts in a car; there was also the option of a padded dash. Childproof door locks were then introduced in 1957. That same year, the company could offer the first retractable hardtop. The Ford Mustang was revealed in 1964, and the seatbelt reminder light was developed in 1965. In the '80s, Ford produced many highly successful models worldwide and in 94 and 95 acquired Jaguar and Aston Martin. Many vehicles continued to be sold by Ford throughout the 90s.

Unfortunately, when the new Century came, due to higher fuel prices and a faltering economy, there was a fall in Ford's market shares, and there was a distinct diminish in profits. In the 20th Century, The Ford Motor Company introduced a wide range of new vehicles, such as crossover SUVs, rather than the more typical body-on-frame. In 2008 Ford sold its Jaguar and Land rover shares to Tata Motors for around $2.3 Billion.