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Shortfall Gap Insurance for your Lexus, now that is a Good Idea!

What can Shortfall Gap Insurance do for your Lexus?

In brief, Shortfall Gap Insurance can protect you financially if and when your Lexus is written off. 

Depending on the level of shortfall protection you choose your policy can pay the difference between your motor insurance company's settlement on the day of loss and either....

1. The original invoice price you paid for your Lexus (Return to Invoice Gap Insurance),

2. Clear any outstanding finance you may have on a contract hire or lease agreement (Finance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance),

3. Pay the cost you need to purchase a Lexus of the same age, mileage, and condition as your original Lexus was when you first drove it out of the showroom (Vehicle Replacement Insurance).

All of our Shortfall Insurance policies are genuine, tried and tested, and subject to a range of awards for both cost and quality.

Any Gap Insurance policy you buy from Shortfall for your Lexus is also protected by the financial services compensation scheme.

History of Lexus

Founded in 1989, Lexus is the luxury division of the Japanese automaker giant, Toyota Motor Corporation, which is the largest automaker in the world. In the 1980's, the senior management of Toyota aimed to enter the luxury vehicle market to counter the dominance of the United States.

The famous story reads: Several of Toyota’s most senior managers rented a house at Laguna Beach, a wealthy area in California. The aim was to observe their eventual target market, upper-class americans. Toyota would design its prototype model around these people's needs. After a total of $1 billion spent on research and design, Lexus was formed with the introduction of the LS 400 model. It was money well spent as the 400 was a hit in America, when it first entered the market in 1989.

After the success of the LS 400, Lexus introduced the GS-line, the second generation of the LS 400, again both to great success. The company became the largest luxury car maker in the United States by 1999. The company is also currently investing greatly in its hybrid vehicle portfolio. It is also investing in additional security and safety features for its vehicles such as: facial recognition that monitors the driver’s attentiveness and also rear pre-collision whiplash protection.

Lexus is also very active in motor racing. The company is advertised by legendary athletes such as Andy Roddick, Annika Sorenstam and Peter Jacobsen.