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Shortfall Gap Insurance for your Mini

Why should you buy Gap Insurance for your Mini? 

Gap Insurance is an insurance policy that runs alongside your own motor insurance company and makes sure that if your mini is written off that you do not end up being out of pocket.

After all, as good as our policies are and we genuinely believe them to be some of the UK's most comprehensive if not the most all-inclusive in the UK today they can not stop your Mini from being stolen and they certainly can not stop you from being involved in an accident. What they can do however is make sure that at least the financial worry is taken care of and protect you the only way insurance can, financially.

If in the unfortunate case your Mini is written off, Shortfall Insurance can pay you the difference between your Mini's valuation on the day it is written off and depending on what type of gap protection you opt for, either return you to the original invoice price you paid for your Mini, clear any outstanding finance you may have or pay you the amount of money you need in order to purchase another Mini of the same age, mileage and condition as your Mini originally was when you first drove it out of the showroom.

What are our Policy Holders and Mini Owners saying about us?

Tyre Damage Insurance


Mr Steven Totman

Combined Vehicle Replacement


Mr Steven Totman

Combined Vehicle Replacement

"Excellent site explained things really clearly and concise."

Mrs Joanna Cullimore

Combined Vehicle Replacement


Mrs Josephine Piers

Motorbike Return to Invoice


Mr Tim O'Connell

Taxi Vehicle Replacement


Mr Kevin Heaney

Driving School Return to Invoice


Miss Emma Moss

Alloy Wheel Insurance

"Great price"

Mr Kevin Todd

Excess Protection

"This was a renewal of an existing policy; there was no "renewal" button to make the process quicker, i.e. I had to enter all my details, personal and car, instead of you getting my existing policy up, and me then making any changes!"

Mr William Kendall Hall

Scratch & Dent Insurance



Combined Return to Invoice

"Very easy to set up and very competitive rates! "

Mr Andrew Yeates

Run Flat Tyre & Alloy Insurance

"Very polite and couldn't have been more helpful when I rang just to see what the service was like before signing up. The signing up itself was very easy to complete."

Mr Tim Pickthall

An Introduction to the History of Mini with Shortfall Insurance.

Mini is a British automotive marque, which was founded in 1959. It is currently owned by German automaker, BMW. 

The history of Mini dates back to the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1959. The concept of the Mini came as a result of the 1956 Suez Crisis that significantly increased the market price of oil. CEO of BMC, Leonard Lord identified the need for a small car in the British market that does not require large amounts of petrol.

Many in the automotive industry claim the model was based on the concept of the successful Volkswagen Beetle. The first model to bear the Mini name was the Mark I in 1959, which was an instant hit. In the same year, the model was seen in over 100 countries. The Mark model was upgraded to Mark II in 1967 and Mark III in 1969. Other   ccessful models include the Cooper and Cooper S that were designed to cater for the sporting market.

In 1966, the company became part of British Leyland. In 1988, it was acquired by British Aerospace and in 1994, it was acquired by BMW. The Mini is the most successful British car, in terms of sales and in 1995, it was awarded the 'Car of the Century' by the respected Autocar magazine. The company's largest markets are America, UK and Germany. To the interest of many, the Mini was actually first refused entry into the American automobile market because it did not fit the requirements for an automobile.

The company is based in Oxford, UK. The Mini has famously been featured in a range of Hollywood blockbusters including: Italian Job, Lara Croft, Mr Bean and Bourne Identity.