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Skoda Rapid Sport


Today in some news making it's way out of the automotive industry, we take a look at the brand from the Czech Republic Skoda and the official release of the brand new Rapid Sport model which has recently been put on sale here in Europe and across other countries world wide.


The Rapid is a popular vehicle for the manufacturer and has been for a while now. It's only been over the recent couple of years that Skoda have climbed their way to the top of the car rankings thanks to some successful selling models such as the likes of the Octavia and the Fabia.


Both of these vehicles have clearly demonstrated the combinations of power and comfort and have delivered very well. We believe that given the opportunity that it has been awarded, this all new Rapid Sport model could very much prove to do the same. As an ideal rival going up against the likes of Vauxhall and Ford the Rapid Sport could very well be a vehicle to keep your eye on.


What makes the Skoda Rapid Sport something special?


What has made the cut when it comes down to the production time on this particular Skoda addition and why should you choose to spend your money on this model over the likes of the Volkswagen Golf which proves to be another good source of competition?


Well with a look into the engine used on this car and some of it's performance rates, we see the addition of a 1.2 litre four cylinder turbo engine which can put out total top speeds of 121 miles per hour with the vehicle making the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a good steady time of 10.4 seconds. Overall 104 brake horse power is produced from this front wheel drive vehicle. A six speed,manual transmission also comes along with this car as standard.


How much does the Skoda Rapid Sport sell for?


£15,630 is the official price tag that comes along with this new addition to the Skoda family and we are pleased to inform you that this particular model is on sale right now from your closest Skoda showroom/dealership.