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Today we are delighted to report on the arrival of the brand new addition to the M Sports line up from German car firm BMW and it comes your way in the form of the brand new M4 Convertible. Production of the original M4 was begun in February of this year and this brand new convertible model is the first new variant to be produced from the model. Known as the F83 during development, the M4 convertible comes fitted with some of the same standard features as that of the original and some brand new parts and accessories have also been included with the vehicle. A lot of the same features are carried over from the standard Coupe but with the addition of a folding top roof, the vehicle now weighs slightly more coming in at an extra 178kg.


What can you expect from the M4 Convertible?

So in regards to the parts and accessories carried over from the standard Coupe which make the M4 Convertible something special, we see that the fittings of a quad exhaust system and side grills are carried over. The car also delivers upon some impressive power from the carried over engine unit which consists of a three litre,straight six,twin turbo unit. Thanks to the automatic seven speed,dual clutch transmission system, we see that the M4 Convertible receives a power output of 425 brake horse power with a top speed limitation coming in at 155 miles per hour. The sprint from 0 to 62 mph is also achieved by the vehicle in a good steady time of 4.4 seconds. A three stage adaptive suspension system can also be found in this convertible model.


A Blue BMW M4 convertible at


A three spoke steering wheel is thrown in as is the Black leather interior. Chrome trims can also be found around the dashboard,centre console and door sills. You can also expect to find a built in sat nav system thrown into the mix also. The M4 convertible can be seen as an ideal source of competition for other competitors on the market from rival firms such as Audi and the Mercedes brand with convertible models like the A5 Cabriolet and the E Class Cabriolet.


How much have BMW put the brand new M4 convertible on sale for?

We are delighted to make you aware of the great news that this all new M4 convertible can be bought right now from your local BMW dealership here in Britain and across other markets world wide also. In regards to how much you can expect the car to set you back, be prepared to pay a cost of £60,730 for a brand new M4 convertible.  

A Black BMW M4 convertible from