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Today with a look into the fast sports car world of things, we are all excited about a brand new vehicle from the Nissan brand which is coming this September to our streets here in the UK and it makes its way to you in the shape and form of the all new Nissan GT R Nismo model. The GT R is one of the quickest vehicles that Nissan has to offer on the market right now.


This all new Nismo version of the car though is even faster than the original and we have all of the information regarding some new engine features and upgrades that will help it stand out against rival sports car brands such as the likes of Porsche and Mazda?


The new changes and upgrades to the Nissan GT R Nismo model

So what is it that has been changed with this particular model to help it make an impact on the sports car world and even become one of the fastest Nissan models on offer? Well firstly regarding the main influence on the vehicles speed and power, we see the use of a 3.8 litre,V6, Twin turbo engine that is all set to have a total power output of 592 brake horse power with 652NM of Torque all set to be produced.


With that being said it is expected that the GT R Nismo will reach a total top speed somewhere around the 200 miles per hour area. With the 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint being achieved in a very quick time of 2.6 seconds.A six speed,twin clutch,automatic transmission system will also come along with this four wheel drive model.


With that in mind, there is very little in our minds that can keep up with this model but when it comes to rivals for this particular model, we believe we may need to start looking into Audi territory with models such as the R8.


What will the Nissan GT R Nismo go on sale for?

It is expected that a price tag of somewhere around the £125,000 area will be revealed for the new GT R. As for when it goes on sale, expect to see this model hit selected showrooms from September of this year.