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Today here at Shortfall we are taking a look into some of the very best SUV/Crossover vehicles that have been put on sale around the world. The SUV market has certainly rapidly grown over the course of the past few years and we have seen many manufacturers such as Land Rover,Nissan and Toyota amongst many more help bring in more success for the SUV/Crossover market than ever before. SUV models are fun filled vehicles for the whole family and are ideal for those long journeys or even just traveling into the city. SUV models were not always key sellers as they have had some rough patches here and there. In the late 1990's and 2000's these vehicles proved to be good sellers but later dropped in success due to higher fuel prices. It was not until after 2007 though that the market truly began to rise again with thanks to some specific models that we are going to talk about today. We have therefore today constructed a list of five of the very best SUV/Crossover vehicles to drive today. We have rated these vehicles on reputation,extra features,power and an all round comfortable driving experience.


Five SUV/Crossover vehicles to spend your money on



  1. Peugeot 2008


So finding its way into our list holding down the fifth place position we see the inclusion of the popular 2008 model from the car firm from France, Peugeot. The 2008 is one of the more recently produced vehicles to make it onto our list today as the car was first introduced to the world only last year. The vehicle was brought in as a direct replacement for the 207 SW model. For just last year alone, the 2008 proved to a keen investment for many car drivers around the world as for the cars opening year we seen it sell a total of 74,500 units around the world. Varying on which engine you want to come along with the car, the options of a five speed manual and a six speed manual transmission system come along with this SUV. We see a range of both petrol and diesel engines come along with the car which include a 1.2 litre petrol unit,a 1.6 litre petrol engine is also your alternative. As far as the diesel line up is concerned, we see the 2008 contains either a 1.6 litre diesel or a 1.4 litre diesel.


There are a lot of great additional pieces of equipment to come along with the 2008 which include LED daytime running lights,cruise control,air conditioning,a DAB digital radio and alloy wheels also come along with the higher spec model. Another trim level to come along with the car is the Allure model which welcomes in other pieces of kit that could prove to be a key selling point for you as the customer. Automatic headlights,automatic wipers,dual zone air conditioning,17 inch alloy wheels, a panoramic glass roof and folding door mirrors. The option of heated front seating also comes along with the car which will see a price increase of an extra £150 on top of the purchase price. Prices for the Peugeot 2008 start at £12,995 for the entry level model with the price tag rising up to £19,745 for the top of the range version with everything included.


4.The Audi Q3


Next up in our countdown today we see the inclusion of the Q3 SUV from German manufacturer Audi. The very first version of this car was first produced back in 2011 and is still being put on sale around various countries world wide today. One of the latest versions of the car first arrived on our streets here in the UK earlier on into this year. We saw this version of the Q3 come fully fitted with a 2.5 litre,TFSI engine which seen a 420NM Torque deliverance and a seven speed S tronic transmission system also came along with this vehicle addition to the line up. One of the best selling engine ranges to come along with the car though has proven to be the 2.0 litre diesel. We see a good power deliverance from this range as the sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in the car can be achieved in a time of just 5.5 seconds. A total of three different trim levels have been made available for the Audi Q3 this year which are the SE,S Line and the S Line Plus. Automatic lights and wipers along side rear parking sensors and dual zone climate control come along with this Q3 model as standard. If you choose to opt for the top of the range S Line Plus model though, you can expect to receive the added front and rear parking sensors and a full leather interior too. One of the key points worth noting with the Audi Q3 is that the vehicles benefits from a lot of interior space making those family journeys much more enjoyable. The Q3 is very up to date when it comes to technology also as we see that the car comes kitted out with a 6.5 inch infotainment system,Bluetooth connectivity and split folding rear seats. With the range topping S Line Plus though Xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights make the extra cost seem worth it.


Prices for the new Audi Q3 SUV model begin at £23,875 for the entry level SE model where as if you are interested in making the purchase on a range topping version of the car, you can expect to pay out a grand total of £43,015.


  1. The Skoda Yeti


Our next addition to our vehicle line up is the popular selling Yeti model from Czech Republican brand Skoda. Production on the very first Yeti model was began in 2009 and since this time it has gone on to be one of the finest selling SUV vehicles available on the market right now. A total of three trim levels are made available for the Yeti and each addition sees new added pieces kit thrown into the mix. A total of five engine choices are also made available with the Yeti and a five speed manual,six speed manual or a six speed DSG gearbox are your optional transmission systems on offer. In 2010 the Yeti won the award of best family car of the year from Top Gear magazine.


Equipment to come along with the Yeti is pretty decent also as standard levels of equipment come with the inclusions of electric windows all round,air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity. It may be worth spending the extra bit of money on one of the higher spec models though as with these cars you can also expect to receive climate and cruise control and a set of rear parking sensors also. Some of best features in our opinion though for the car that you can choose to opt for are the welcome additions of heated front seating,rain sensing windscreen wipers and a fully leather interior cabin too. Overall the Yeti is a very highly rated car around the world and it has certainly made an impact on the car market across the globe. Now in regards to the price tag that comes along with the Yeti, we are pleased to bring the news to you that the entry level version of the car starts at a price tag of £16,715 with prices rising up to £27,840 for the range topper.


  1. The Range Rover Evoque


Just missing out on out top spot today as the runner up is the Range Rover Evoque. The very first version of this car was first brought into the world back in 2011 in the month of July and is today one of the very best selling SUV models to ever be made available around the world. The Evoque is made available in both three and five door versions and comes with a range of both petrol and diesel engines. The big selling engine line ups to come with the car include the 2.0 litre petrol and a range of 2.2 litre diesel units. A total of five trim levels are made available with the Evoque which adds more additional pieces of kit than that of the previous trim level. Standard equipment is great for the Evoque which sees inclusions of alloy wheels, a full leather interior set up,an eight inch touch screen and climate control too. It is the higher trim levels though that may be worth considering when making the purchase on the Evoque as this sees a built in sat nav system,a central mounted touch screen and a rear parking aid also comes with the vehicle. As always with the Range Rover Evoque a big selling point of the car overall is the sheer amount of interior space that finds its way into the vehicle. The safety side of the car has also achieved much success over the years as the latest version of the car to go on sale achieved a five star rating for safety from Euro NCAP. A lane departure warning system and a range of airbags also come as part of the package.


The price range for the Range Rover Evoque comes roaring in from £29,205 with prices for the top of the range model coming in at £49,805.


  1. The Nissan Qashqai


Now flying in at our number one spot is the addition of a vehicle that helped to revive the SUV sector of the car industry since it was first launched in 2007 and it comes from the minds over at Nissan. One of the very best SUV vehicles on the market today is the Nissan Qashqai. In total we have seen two generations of the car go on sale since 2007 with the latest version of the car to arrive this year. Both petrol and diesel engines have been made available on the Qashqai over the years with some of the biggest sellers in the range being the 1.2 litre petrol,the 1.5 litre and a 1.6 litre diesel. One of the biggest sellers for the vehicle over the years has proven to be the 1.5 litre diesel. Standard pieces of equipment to come along with the Qashqai are also very good as we see that Nissan have included all round electric windows,a stop start system,cruise control and air conditioning. There are of course different trim levels made available for the Qashqai which see the additions of other equipment and features such as a panoramic roof,a seven seat set up and a five inch TFT touch screen. If you decide to opt for the range topping version of the car though you can also expect to receive LED headlights,19 inch alloy wheels and a parking assist system also.


Prices for the entry level Nissan Qashqai begin at £17,995 for the entry level variant with the price rising upwards to £28,280 for the highest spec model which comes with everything.


The rise and future of the SUV/Crossover market


Without a doubt the SUV market at this moment in time could very well be at the highest in terms of popularity and success than it has ever been before. With vehicles like the Qashqai and other vehicles like the RAV4 from Toyota and the Nissan Juke which we have not mentioned here today, the SUV/Crossover market has rapidly grown over the course of the past eight years. Can this be maintained in the future though and will the SUV market continue to climb the ranks in the car sector all round into the future ?.