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The 2014 Paris motor show is just around the corner and will officially take place next week. Many new vehicle additions and variants will be revealed to the general public at the show and another brand who are set to make their presence felt next week are the Mitsubishi brand. It was reported a few weeks ago that the manufacturer will reveal their brand new PHEV Concept-S model from the show and this is to be the case.


The big news here though is that the brand have officially released new images of the car both interior and exterior ahead of its debut and some new specification details to come along with it. The PHEV is one of the flagship vehicle ranges from the brand and is part of their Outlander franchise. It is uncertain at this moment in time as to whether the Concept-S will be an entirely new vehicle or just an upgrade package. The mass manufacturer are waiting for the public's reaction to it before making a decision.


What have Mitsubishi revealed about the new PHEV Concept-S?

So in regards to what the manufacturer has officially revealed about the car, we see that the engine range first and foremost is carried over from the original Outlander PHEV model which consists of a 2.0 litter,four cylinder unit which is also joined alongside by not one but two electric motors. It will be a four wheel drive variant which is expected to reach top speeds in the 100mph area and will take around eleven seconds to make the sprint from the get go to 62 miles per hour. A power deliverance of 204 brake horse power is therefore expected to be delivered on by the car.


In regards to some of those changes that will come to affect as far as the exterior of the Concept-S is concerned, from the images that have been posted by Mitsubishi, we can see the fittings of a chrome trim around the front bumper,more angled headlights than the previous addition to the range and a new White Glass paint scheme. A brand new set of alloy wheels also come along with this new variant as standard.


The interior of the car itself is perhaps the biggest focal point of the car which sees the changes of a Red leather interior,wooden trims in the door panels and a brand new centre console will also come as part of the package. The likes of the CX-5 from Mazda and the CR V from the Honda brand have both proven to be ideal sources of competition for the PHEV throughout history and we see no reason as to why the car can not continue to maintain this sort of level of competition into the future. The doors may also potentially open up to other manufacturers in the same sector too.


Does the PHEV Concept-S have a bright future?

It is uncertain at this moment in time as to how the vehicle will be received by the general public but we do see good things in the future for the Concept-S. Nothing has been announced as of yet regarding a price tag to come along with the Concept-S or even when it will be officially launched onto our streets but we do expect to hear more on this matter at the Paris motor show.