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On September 1st the brand new ST 4X4 version of the Leon from the Seat brand will arrive on our streets. The Seat Leon along side the Ibiza has proven to be one of the mass manufacturers biggest selling vehicles of all time and with the addition of a brand new 4x4 version of the Leon, we certainly think that popularity for the car and the brand as a whole will continue to rise. We first seen the Leon model go on sale across various parts of the world from 1999 and the vehicle is currently in its third generation. The third generation model was officially launched last year onto our roads.


The latest version of the Leon from last year shares the Volkswagens MQB platform that was also used in some vehicles from Audi and Skoda. The 4x4 market has certainly grown over the years and now with the addition of this all new ST version of the Leon we see that the car will go on sale as a four wheel drive variant. Some of the big features to keep a look out for with this 4x4 version of the Leon will consist of much more interior space than the previous addition of the Leon from Seat and some new gadgets and features will also come along with the vehicle.


What features are worth looking out for with the Seat Leon ST 4x4?


This version of the car is being called the Leon X-perience. Some of the big main changes that you can expect to see find their way into this particular model include the likes of a 587 litre boot which increases vastly when the rear seats are folded down. Other big features of the car to keep an eye on are the additions of a revised rear bumper and a lowered front spoiler which both contain aluminium touches to them. All new door sills and protection mouldings on the door sills will also find their way into this addition from Seat. The likes of EDS dynamic control,a four wheel drive system and an electronic differential lock.


It has been confirmed that this new 4x4 model will benefit from two different trim levels which include both SE and SE Technology. A 2.0 litre TDI engine will come as an option which will put out 150 brake horse horse power with a manual gearbox whereas your alternative choice will come in the form of a 2.0 litre,TDI which will deliver on 184 units of brake horse power overall. A DSG transmission system will also come along with this option.


Many manufacturers have 4x4 vehicles on offer in this day and age with the amount of 4x4 models on the road increasing rapidly. Manufacturers such as Toyota with the Rav4 and Audi with the Q5 have been turning heads so can the Leon X-perience match up to these rivals?


What prices will the Leon X-perience go on sale for?


It has been confirmed that we will see the Leon X-perience go on sale from the first of September and the price range for the car will range from £4,385 for the SE model whereas the SE Technology model will sell for £26,370.