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Volkswagen CC R line


The Volkswagen company famous for vehicles such as the Passat, Golf and Polo have always been one of the leading brands around the world and have gone toe to toe with the likes of Ford and Renault over the years.


The vehicles mentioned above have all proven to be some of the key sellers for the company over the years and although the original cc model has not been the best seller that the brand were hoping for. We believe that this brand new addition of the CC R line 2.0 litre model could help give the range a complete refreshment on the car market for the future. This brand new model is available to purchase right now from Volkswagen dealerships around the world.


The key stats and figures of the Volkswagen CC R line 2.0


This new addition to the Volkswagen family consists of both a new engine line up and some new features here and there. So firstly we will lift up the bonnet and see what makes this particular model tick. Firstly we see that this car comes fully fitted with a 2.0 litre, diesel engine. It puts out a total power of 175bhp with 137 miles per hour being achieved as the top speed for the CC R line. This is helped to it's target by a steady 8.4 second sprint time to 62 miles per hour. A six speed, dual clutch, automatic transmission system is also another welcome addition to the Volkswagen line up.


Some new features that come along with this new CC model as standard include an all new bespoke grille, a brand new revised bumper, 18 inch alloy wheels and a leather steering wheel. Other neat features in this list include heated front seats, cruise control, a built in touch screen and a Digital DAB radio.


There are however optional extras that could help this car rival the likes of other brands such as Audi and we see these features come in the form of adaptive cruise control,a keyless entry system and keyless go. A Volkswagen parking assistance system is also a nice welcome bonus.


What does the Volkswagen CC R line cost?


The official purchase price to come along with this brand new Volkswagen model currently stands at £31,685 brand new and we are pleased to let you know that this particular model is available for purchase right now.