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New Toyota Aygo now on sale


The Yaris and the Rav 4, both top selling Toyota models available on the new and used car markets today. There is one good selling model we left out of that list though and that is of course the Aygo. This city car has had much success around the world since it's original release and it has certainly proven to be one of the finest selling models that the company has to offer.


Now though we take a look into the brand version of the car which has recently gone on sale and could very well prove to be the best addition to the line up yet. You can purchase this model right now from dealerships around the world and it also comes with some new changes and tweaks to the engine and all round performance rates for the car. This model has proven to be a good rival for the likes of the Fiat 500 over the years but can this new model live up to expectation and continue to do much of the same?


How well does the new Toyota Aygo perform?


So what has made the cut when it comes down to the production time on this brand new Aygo model and why should you choose this car to spend your money on when you could go elsewhere from some rivals such as Volkswagen with the Polo and French car firm Citroen with the C1? Well if we take a look underneath the bonnet we see a 1.0 litre, three cylinder engine that puts out just 69 brake horse power with a 99 miles per hour top speed limit.


A steady time of 14.2 seconds is need to reach 62 miles per hour from zero also. Though for some these rates may not be the best around but for a city car we believe this is pretty much standard so there's not too much to complain about when it comes down to this car. A five speed manual transmission system makes its to this new front wheel drive model too.


What's the cost of the Toyota Aygo 2014?


First of all this car has recently gone on sale and can be driven away from your local Toyota or showroom today. The official purchase price to come along with the new Aygo rolls in at a total of £11,695.