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The Toyota brand are expected to introduce a brand new revised version of their big selling Avensis model onto our roads here in the UK and across other various countries from next year. The vehicle has been spotted for the first time undergoing tests on the road under some heavy disguise. The Avensis model which comes in the form of a saloon vehicle was first put on sale in Britain in 1997 and has since this time produced three different variations of the car which have proven to be good sellers for the manufacturer.


It was in 2009 that the latest version of the car went on sale and is also a big seller thanks to it emphasis on safety too as the latest variant of the car was awarded a five star Euro NCAP rating. From the images that were posted of the vehicle testing, we can see some changes have been made to the exterior of the car and a revised engine set up is also on the cards.


What can we expect from the new Toyota Avensis in 2015?

So in regards to some of the brand new changes that you can expect to see make its presence felt in next years Avensis model, the vehicle was spotted under heavy disguise but brand new exterior changes such as a brand new set of front and rear light clusters and a revised grille are to be included. It has been three years since we last seen a change come to the Avensis so will the new revised vehicle be worth the wait?


Although this remains unconfirmed by Toyota at this stage in time, it is believed that the car will receive an all new engine line up too. The current generation Avensis vehicle contains the fitting of a 2.0 or a 2.2 litre diesel engine but this is believed to be changed when the car goes on sale and it is expected that Toyota will include a replacement which may very well come in the form of four cylinder units as used in some BMW vehicles. The 1.8 litre petrol model used in the current Avensis though is expected to be carried over.


Is the new Avensis good news for Toyota or bad?

We say this due to the fact that the Avensis is one of the only vehicles that is not going to receive a hybrid version. Toyota revealed that by the year 2020 each of their vehicles are set to receive hybrid models on the road but the Avensis is not. IHS who are analysts of the automotive industry have suggested that in 2018 there is a possibility that the Avensis model may have production end which leads us to believe there is a chance that this may be the last Avensis model to go on sale. It is believed that the car will go on sale officially from mid way throughout next year with a possible public reveal coming sometime from the start of the year onwards.