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Volkswagen CC


The Volkswagen CC model is a premium four door coupe that backs up the likes of the Audi A5 in the car market. The CC model is arguably Volkswagen's answer to the success of the BMW 3 series.


Volkswagen have long been in competition with the likes of the BMW and Mercedes brands and have struggled in markets that have been dominated by the rivals for such a long period of time. However, the new CC has somewhat replaced the likes of the Passat in the Volkswagen range and helped to build up the reputability surrounding the model.


The new sweeping roofline on the CC model was first introduced on the face lifted model that came to the market back in 2011. The roofline on the model has helped increase the appeal on the model and gives the saloon more of an identity.


The Volkswagen CC and the engine options on the model have helped make it one of the quietest models on the market and therefore one of the most pleasurable to both drive and be a passenger. Most recently, we have heard the news that Mini have had to recall and delay the delivery of the diesel engined Mini Cooper D following noise issues.


The Mini Cooper D model was due to commenced deliveries towards the back end of last week but were forced to postpone due to a number of audio acoustic problems. The Mini firm are of course supplied with BMW engines which makes the news even more sweeter for the likes of bitter rivals Volkswagen and Audi.


The German mass market manufacturer VW have been pleased with the performance of the likes of the Audi brand in the past two months as the brand have overtaken the likes of BMW in the luxury car market. Volkswagen are currently on target to achieve the best ever sales figures for this year as they continue to push all brands under the umbrella.