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Volkswagen Twin up! Concept


At the Tokyo and Los Angeles Motor Shows that started today, Volkswagen (VW) will be showcasing their new concept vehicle the Volkswagen Twin up! The new version of the up! city car will be a four seater model.


The new Volkswagen model's specs.


The Twin up! concept car uses a modified version of the drive-train in the VW XL1 that was released this year. The drive-train is a diesel-electric hybrid with a claimed fuel consumption of 256.8mpg and CO2 emissions of 27g/km. Due to the modifications done to the drive-train, the new model is 410kg heavier than the 795kg XL1 or 250kg heavier than the petrol up! Higher power is achieved through an electric motor, larger battery and fuel tank that boosts the capacity from 10litres to 33litres.


The engine is the same 800cc 0.8litre two-cylinder turbo-diesel that is in the XL1 model. The 47bhp of the engine is boosted by a further 27kW electric motor. The power jumps from 27kbhp to 47bhp, creating a total output of 74bhp and 215Nm that can be sent to the front wheels through a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox with a 8.6kWh lithium-ion battery mounted in the car rear between the seat and boot.


The VW group claims the Twin up! accelerates from 0-37mph in 8.8seconds, reaching 62mph in 15.7seconds. The top speed is limited to 87mph. The fastest speed can be reached in hybrid mode with both power sources working together but the car can be made to run on just diesel or just electric as decoupling clutch between the diesel and electric motors allows the electric motor to operate independently.


Provided that there is sufficient battery charge, the driver can press the e-mode button for emissions-free driving. As just the electric or diesel motor can run for 31miles independently before a three-hour charge from an electric socket is needed. Overall, range is said to be more than 600 miles in spite of the 33-litre fuel tank.


Inside, there's a bespoke instrument panel featuring all-digital instrumentation. The visual image and content of the instruments change according to whether the Twin up! is in hybrid or all-electric mode. In hybrid mode the accents are white while in pure electric mode they are blue. The central infotainment screen is configurable by the user, while for the first time in a Volkswagen, the automatic climate controls sitting below it below are all-digital.


As a concept vehicle, the concept's interior features an off-white colour to complement the exterior with a fabric-leather combination upholstery featuring blue piping and reflective strips on the seats’ centre panels.


The VW Twin up! Hybrid production.


At the Tokyo and LA Motor Shows, the model will be shown as a near-production ready concept alongside the new all-electric e-up! Volkswagen has yet to confirm whether it will put the new model into production but the car could be on sale within two years.


Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Brand Development Chief, commented, “We need to see reaction to the e-up! first. We don’t know what the response of the people will be. But if we have a good response, and we think we will, then yes.”


Dr Neusser then went on to hint that with the Government electric car discount of £5,000, the price would be around £17,000 for the Volkswagen Twin up.