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Audi make changes at the top


Top selling brand in the car industry Audi has recently received a brand new head of sales operations his name is Cian O'Brian. He is officially now head of sales operations over here for Audi UK and is replacing Paul Sansom who has moved to South Africa to do the same role over there for Audi. The new man in charge Cian certainly knows the role he will be taking on within Audi as in the past he has worked as an after sales manager for Audi over in Ireland.


Audi were officially founded in 1919 on July the 16th. In the past we have seen them prove to be the worlds leading car brand with big selling vehicles such as the TT and the S3. They have locked horns in the past with other top selling brands such as Mercedes amongst others and with appointing a new head of sales operations, the mass manufacturer are hoping to maintain this level of success and even help boost their brand recognition even further into the future.


The experience and knowledge of the new head of sales operations

Cian O'Brian has much knowledge when it comes to the automotive industry. As we stated he has had the role with Audi in Ireland and he has also had previous management positions in the past with other car firms such as Seat, Lexus, Nissan and Renault. The previous man in charge Paul Sansom achieved much in terms of sales and after sales with the company and Audi have stated that officially. They are quoted as saying “Under his leadership in various management roles over the last eight years,Audi UK achieved numerous record results in both sales and after sales. We wish him plenty of success in his international assignment”.


Again much like Cian O'Brian, the former head of sales operations has much success and knowledge within the Audi company and he now takes it over the South Africa department to help over there. If the South African division of Audi can achieve the same amount of success that Audi UK have under Paul Sansom's wing we believe this is just another big step towards Audi leading the car markets around the globe.


Comments on the hiring of Cian O'Brian

Audi UK have released a statement regarding the hiring of the new head of sales operations and have been quoted as saying “We are excited about Cian joining our team as he brings a real depth and breadth of experience and we feel he is the right person to continue to lead out ambitious sales plans in which Audi aims to remain the UK's number one premium brand”.


Can the Audi success continue to travel around the world with a lot new changes within their division?