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New Citroen C1


The Citroen C1 has been amongst the most successfully sold models in the history of the Citroen brand in the last decade. The C1 is part of the trio of developments between Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen. The small city car has been only updated a couple of times since it was first released over a decade ago, however, the second generation of models is only set to further increase the market share at Citroen.


The C1 though is perhaps one of the finest city cars on offer right now and could very well prove to be the ideal rival for the likes of the Volkswagen up! And the Kia Picanto. So what has made the cut when it comes down to the production time on this brand new C1 model to help it stand tall over it's predecessor and other healthy competition models?


The key selling points of the Citroen C1

So with that being said, for such a small city car, the engine is quite impressive and is steady . We see the car come in around about the same size as the original model but we think that LED running lights, 3d effect tail lights and a brand new front grille make this something a little more special.


In regards to the engine and how this car performs on the road, we see the additions of a 1.2 litre,three cylinder engine that helps the vehicle hit top speeds of 117 miles per hour which is helped to reach that destination by a 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time of eleven seconds even. This front wheel drive variation of the C1 also comes with a five speed manual transmission system that also helps benefit the car when it comes to the 81 units of brake horse power that is produced.


What's the purchase price of the Citroen C1 2014 model?


£11,095 is the official price tag that come along with this brand new addition to the Citroen family and we are pleased to bring you the good news that the investment into this particular model can be made right now from Citroen dealers in your area.