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The fast and the furious movies are very well known for their superb line up of vehicles. In total there have been six installments in the franchise with the seventh set to be released next year. All of the films have introduced brand new vehicles from a vast variety of ranges. Muscle cars,sports cars and hatchbacks have had a key role to play in the success of the movies and to celebrate the movie line up we are today having a look into some of the best cars used over the course of all six movies that have gained a lot more popularity since making an appearance. We here at Shortfall have today constructed a list of five of the most popular cars used throughout the course of the films. There are a vast range of vehicles represented in our countdown today. The majority of these cars have been big sellers for their respective brands over the years and got more and more popular since their use in the fast and furious movies. So lets begin the countdown of five of the most popular used vehicles in the six movie franchise.


Five of the very best that the fast and the furious have to offer


  1. Nissan GT R

Our first vehicle to make it into the countdown today comes to us courtesy of the designers over at the Nissan brand who in 2007 produced the first ever GT R model. The key point of interest as far as the GT R is concerned is the power that comes along with the vehicle. The vehicle comes to you as a sports vehicle and power is indeed the noteworthy feature of the car. The GT R has won many awards over the years thanks to its power contributions into the car industry with perhaps one of the biggest being the Guinness world records 0 to 60 miles per hour fastest ever four seater production vehicle. In 2007 Top Gear also awarded the car the Supercar of the year title.

Today we will take a look into one of the latest versions of the car to be launched onto our roads and it arrived earlier on this year and looks better than ever. The 2014 version of the car benefits from the use of a 3.8 litre,V6,Twin turbo engine which combined with the six speed,semi automatic transmission system sees an overall power deliverance produced of 542bhp and a total of 632NM of Torque is also delivered to the four wheel drive platform. A total of 196mph can be reached as a top speed limitation from the vehicle which is helped to reach this target by the very quick time of 2.7 seconds in which it takes the GT R to reach speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standing start. The new 2014 version of the GT R is available to purchase right now and it can be bought for a price of £78,020.


  1. Subaru WRX Sti

The next big vehicle from the movie to make it into our countdown today is the addition of a model from the Subaru brand which has made plenty of headlines this year for all of the right reasons. The WRX/Impreza is one of the best selling sports cars that the world has ever seen. The very first version of the car was first produced back in 1992 and has since this time introduced four different generations of the car. The production and selling of the WRX was stopped here in the United Kingdom for a number of years and this year welcomed back the WRX Sti model to our streets as the brand new version of the car launched onto our streets. Over the life span of the WRX/Impreza, it has been the number one source of competition for the Mitsubishi Evolution and has gone head to head with the car for many years.

Today we are taking a look into this years brand new addition of the WRX which is available to purchase right now from your local Subaru dealership and can be purchased brand new for a price of £28,995. This years version of the car introduces us to the fitting of a 2.5 litre,four cylinder,boxer turbo engine which is also joined along side by a six speed manual transmission system as standard. A power output of 296bhp is put out from the new WRX and we see that the car can reach an all round top speed limit of 159mph which is helped along by the quick 5.2 seconds it takes the car to hit 62mph from the get go. The new WRX is also a four wheel drive vehicle. One of the biggest features introduced to this years model was the use of hydraulic steering.


  1. Mazda RX7

Reaching our top three positions today we introduce a big selling Mazda sports car into our countdown and it comes to us in the shape and form of the RX7. This vehicle was originally produced from 1978 up until 2002 and was the direct replacement for the companies RX-3 model. The very first version of the car was more power orientated than ever as demonstrated by the 1146cc Twin rotary engine. The vehicle was used in two of the fast and the furious movies which were Tokyo Drift and the fast and the furious 6. A total of 811,634 units of the car were put on sale over the vehicles production time. The RX7 was originally produced as a two seater Coupe with countries like the US,Japan and Australia having extra seating as additional options. A total of seven versions of the car were put on sale over the years which included the original,the RX-7 Turbo,the second generation,the convertible, the tenth anniversary RX-7,the GTU model and finally the third generation line up which was produced from 1991 to the year 2002. Since this time Mazda have hinted at a new RX-7 model to re launch across various countries most recently in 2012. It is unknown at this moment in time as to whether or not the RX7 will return to our streets but there is a possibility this could prove to be the case which is very exciting news.


  1. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Just missing out on the top place position today is the Lancer Evolution model from the Mitsubishi brand that we referenced earlier on as being the number one source of competition for Subaru's WRX vehicle. The very first generation of the Mitsubishi Evolution was first introduced to the world back in 1992 and has since this time had a total of ten life cycles on our roads. Production of the latest version of the car was begun in October of 2007 and has proven to be a key seller for the brand since this time. One of the latest versions of the car to go on sale came to us as the Evo X FQ 400. This version of the car benefited from a 2.0 litre,four cylinder engine which combined with the five speed standard transmission system seen a power development of 403 brake horse power and delivered on 525NM of Torque. A total speed is reached by the car of 155mph and is helped to reach this destination by the 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time which is achieved by the car in just 3.8 seconds.

This version of the car also benefits from some great additional pieces of equipment which include the likes of a lowered suspension system which results in a smoother driving experience compared to some other Evolution models. Features like,alloy wheels,climate control, a built in sat nav system,a redesigned bodykit and a centre exit exhaust system. This version of the car can be purchased now from Mitsubishi dealerships across the UK and from other countries world wide too. In regards to how much you can expect a brand new version of this car to set you back, expect to buy the car for a purchase price of £49,999.


  1. The Ford Mustang

Now our top place ranked vehicle today which has also made headlines around the world this year, is the addition of a muscle car which has proven to be very popular on American roads since the first version of the car was officially launched in 1965. This vehicle from American manufacturer Ford has made headlines this year here in the United Kingdom as next year will see the very first version of this car be launched onto our streets here in the United Kingdom. The vehicle we are of course referring to today is the Ford Mustang. In America so far we have seen around 9 million units of the car sell and this version of the car that will arrive on our roads will be the sixth generation model in the states. The Mustang is a power orientated vehicle and regarding that power side of things for the new model, we will see it land with a 5.0 litre,V8 unit which has been said to deliver on 420 bhp and 529NM of Torque. The expected big selling range of Mustang though is expected to be the 2.0 litre,Ecoboost engine which comes completely turbo charged a 304 brake horse power placement is also expected from this unit. Both a manual and an automatic six speed gearbox will also be included with the car and paddle shifters will come with both variations as standard. This brand new Mustang for 2015 will officially arrive on our streets from early on into next year and it is expected that a price tag of around £30,000 will come along with this Mustang model.


Popularity of the cars of the fast and the furious


Without a doubt, since the five vehicles listed above have made their presence felt in the fast and the furious movies, they have certainly become more popular around the globe with the United Kingdom being affected hugely. This has resulted in the return of the WRX from Subaru to our roads and the arrival of the Mustang. Popularity for the cars has certainly been increased by the movie franchise and with a brand new seventh installment set to arrive from next year, we cant help but wonder as to what vehicles will make their arrival in the next movie and could it help bring more popularity around the world to the new models ?.