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New Hyundai Hybrid - BMW M Series - Euro NCAP Ratings


Hyundai have today made an impact in Detroit by revealing their first ever plug in hybrid vehicle to the world and it has been fitted to the popular Sonata model. The company are looking to invest into a new range of plug in hybrids for the future and the Sonata is just their first stop on the road as far as these models are concerned. Hyundai have said that the vehicle in its hybrid form will go on sale this year packing a two litre engine and an electric motor. With both the motor and engine taken into consideration, we see that the company will deliver 199bhp in total from the car.


From a standard charger, the Korean firm say that the car can charge fully in five hours with twenty two miles in total being covered from electric power alone. Hyundai have said that the vehicle will be available in America later this year but no hint has been given as of yet regarding the car making its way to the UK.


New BMW models are in development

BMW has today commented on the line up of their future vehicle range and have stated that some brand new additions are currently in the production phase ahead of future releases. The models in question include an M2, X3M and and X4M. This announcement comes a year after the firm revealed the X5 and X6 in M forms which have received some great feedback so far. A comment was also made stating that some of these future M models will receive a four wheel drive platform to run on but no exact information regarding which of the vehicles it would be has been announced. BMW are looking to carry forward their M range in a big way and this announcement regarding three new additions could certainly help BMW to do that.


The safest rated vehicles in 2014 by Euro NCAP

Safety in vehicles is an important feature to be looked out for whilst buying a new vehicle and with Euro NCAP being the big tester of the safety in new models, a lot of future vehicle sales are done with the knowing that Euro NCAP gave them a good rating. That is why you will be happy to know that the figures showing the safest vehicles from the tests in 2014 have been revealed today and we have the information for your right here. In the supermini range, the Skoda Fabia was given a full five stars and is reported to be the only supermini to achieve the rating.


For multi purpose vehicles, the Volkswagen Golf Sports van was given the top place position. Family vehicles were also a good contest for Euro NCAP in 2014 which seen smaller family vehicles crowned by the winner, the Qashqai crossover from Nissan. The legendary Mercedes Benz C Class came out on top for the biggest and safest family vehicle.