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In some of the latest developments today to make their way out of the Paris motor show, the Hyundai brand who are popular for their Sonata and Genesis models are another manufacturer that have revealed a brand new vehicle addition this morning live from Paris and it comes to us in the shape and form of the brand new i20 addition. The Korean manufacturer have produced the vehicle since 2008 and first made its debut at the Paris motor show of 2008. Now just six years later, the brand new version of the vehicle has also been revealed there and Hyundai have given us all of the latest information regarding the new model addition and the vehicle has been officially displayed for the first time ever to the general public.


What new alterations are made to the Hyundai i20?

Some brand new technology and parts find their way into the new i20 aswell as a new engine range which will also come along with the vehicle. Due to the additions of equipment and the new engine line up, we certainly believe that the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Fiesta will certainly have a fight on their hands from the new i20. With our first look into what will power the car, Hyundai have confirmed that customers will be faced with both petrol and diesel units.


These include a 1.25 litre petrol engine which delivers on either 74 or 83 brake horse power and a 1.4 litre petrol developing 99bhp. In terms of the choice of diesel units that will come along with the vehicle, we see that Hyundai have included the options of either a 1.1 or a 1.4 unit. Power is developed between 74 and 89bhp for the car. The diesel variants both come with a standard six speed manual transmission system but if you choose to opt for one of the petrol models an optional four speed automatic transmission is also available. Shortly after the official launch of the car a 1.0 three cylinder turbocharged version of the car will be put on sale which will also see improvements made to the suspension system of the vehicle.


If the vast range of engine choice for the new i20 was not enough for you, Hyundai have also revealed some of the brand new technology and accessories to come along with the car which have taken a huge step up compared to the first generation i20. Features such as a new seven inch infotainment system, USB connectivity, a built in sat nav system and a new feature which allows you to store a total of 1gb of music in your car. LED rear lights are a big step up technology wise as is the brand new lane departure warning system which comes as part of the package.


When will the new i20 arrive?

Hyundai are yet to comment on an expected date of launch for the car but it is believed that the vehicle will see a release towards the end of this year. A slight price rise from the current i20 is also expected so expect to see the entry level model come in somewhere around the £14,000 area.