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Jaguar Concept Models


Some of the advanced designers of Jaguar have sketched out a whole host of conceptual models all as part of a special event that is taking place at London's Clerkenwell Design Week.


The Jaguar company is a sponsor of the Clerkenwell event which takes place annually and is an evening that will round off the displays of the week, Julian Thomson who is the advanced design director of Jaguar oversaw five of the design teams sketching Jaguar models including a number of Jaguar Le Mans models, a reborn XJS and an XF.


How are the Jaguar concepts looking and what's the vision?


Thomson oversees the Jaguar models design far into the future, his design team at the moment are working on models from 2018 and beyond that. Five of the members of the design team at Jaguar, exterior design chief Adam Hatton, Simon Tovey the senior designer, advanced designer Hitesh Panchal, creative specialist Dominic Najafi and creative specialist Hugo Nightingale were given the task of sketching future Jaguar models from a brief set by Peter Stevens, Royal College of Art director.


Most of the designers opted for their own interpretation of a Jaguar Le Mans entry, though members of the audience tasked designers with their own briefs too, including the regenerated XJS model. Thomson explained that sponsorships such as the one that Jaguar has with Clerekenwell are very important, it allows the car manufacturer to direct contact with the premium design brands that it may not come across otherwise.


Where did the Jaguar concept ideas come from?


Thomson explained in a recent report that Jaguar is the type of brand that is able to connect with any designer. He went on to say that events such as this allow people to top into what is happening in other markets and to see what different designers are doing, as well as having a look into future trends.


Thomson said that sketches such as the ones that his designers were working on at Clerkenwell are very important for creating the perfect version of what they would like to do, he also went on to say that they were a vision that was expressive of what they would like to achieve before they worked on the back of a production vehicle.


Thomson said that about 1/3 of the design influence of the future models came from analysing data where key markets in future would be, what the customers would be like, their wealth and their age along with future legislation and safety and CO2 legislation.


The bulk of the work however, still comes from thinking into the relevance of the Jaguar company in the future, the attractiveness of future performance and luxury models and predictions about how the premium automotive market will be changing.