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A New Jaguar 4x4 Concept

A New Jaguar 4x4 Concept


Jaguar released an image of the 4x4 last week and the first official image is thought to be projected at the Jaguar stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The image release last time out, showed the front end of the projected model as it looks to be inspired by the XJ model.


If the 4x4 SUV Jaguar model was to make production, we at Shortfall expect the model to wear the XQ badge. Although, the teaser image showed the concept model front facing, it did hint at the model having F type like rear lights that will have the narrow look.


The new model will be built using the same aluminium as the latest Land Rover and Range Rover models as they look to improve the capability of the model as well as the fuel efficiency. It is thought to be that the new model will sit below the BMW 3 Series rival in the Jaguar XF model.


An official Jaguar statement insisted that Jaguar model will illustrate the diversity of the brand and designs of the model as well as the architecture that may indicate the future of the Jaguar brand.


In terms of performance and engine choice, there has been no clue on what engine options and what exactly will power the Jaguar 4x4 model.


With the obvious association with Land Rover, the British based brand will have the experience of building such models and marketing the models alike. The Range Rover brand is currently experiencing its most popular stage as the model has taken off in the Chinese and US markets respectively.


The new developments at JLR are something for the automotive industry to be excited about as the latest innovative design is due to be shown at the next Frankfurt Motor Show.


The new Range Rover Hybrid model will be on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the next number of days and not too far apart will be the image of the new 4x4 Jaguar concept model.