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Will potholes become a thing of the past?

End of the road for the potholes?


It is pothole season. The cold weather heralds peak season for our roads to suffer and for those nasty potholes to appear.


It was recently reported that potholes appear on UK roads at the rate of a million each year. That equates to 2 every single minute, or there abouts.Pothole damage UK 2019


Personal injury and vehicle damage claims mount each year. The cost of vehicle damage alone is said to top £1.7 billion each year.


But could the pothole epidemic set become less of black hole for motorists?


The government has announced that a trail will be extended into the use of plastic roads. The idea behind this is that it extends the life of the road surface.


Other measures like preemptive treatment of cracks, before they turn into potholes, are also being used.


Potholes are the number one enemy for road users and this Government is looking at numerous ways to keep our roads in the best condition. Today's trials will see how new technologies work in the real world to ensure our roads are built for the 21st century. - Chris Grayling Transport Minister


How to cover the cost of repairs due to pothole damage


There can be substantial damage caused to your vehicle if you come into contact with a pothole. Problems can arise with steering and suspension parts on your vehicle. These can be serious safety issues.


Of course, there can also suffer damage to your tyres and alloy wheels. These can be just cosmetic but nonetheless the cost of repair can be large.


If you look to cover the cost of repair by claiming on your motor insurance this can push up your premium. You could try to claim the cost back from your local council, but this can be lengthy and time-consuming.


If you are concerned about pothole damage have you thought about these products?



We provide these insurance products to cover the costs of damage caused to the tyres and/or alloy wheels of your vehicle. Cover would include incidents resulting in accidental damage, such as hitting a pothole in the road. 


Maybe a shameless plug but it is a fact more and more customers are claiming on these products. With the pothole epidemic at it's height right now then cover might be a welcome option.


If you need to report a pothole please use : Report a pothole


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