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What does Scratch and Dent Insurance cover you for?

What does a Scratch and Dent Insurance policy can actually cover you for?


Scratch and Dent, Cosmetic Repair, Ding and Dent cover etc, etc, what are we talking about here? An insurance policy that covers the cost of repairing minor damage to your vehicle’s bodywork.


Scrapes, dings, chips, scuffs, you know the sort of thing. But how far does it actually go? What exactly can be covered?


scratch and dent insurance limitations


There can be some confusion with this type of insurance. Some people believe that it will cover just about any type of bodywork damage you can suffer.


Need a new wing because the other one is bent in half? Is that covered?


Like all insurance products, Scratch and Dent Insurance has limitations. It is not designed to cover every bit of damage that you might find on a vehicle.


To find out exactly what to expect for your money, as always please check the terms and conditions of your cover. But in general terms, most Scratch and Dent products are going to offer cover for damage that can be repaired by a SMART repair. SMART stands for Small Motor Accident Repair Technology.


This type of repair is typically what a mobile repairer can do. These repairs can include bumper scuffs, small trolley dings and key scratches.


What a mobile repairer cannot do repair large, flat panels that would require a substantial area to be repainted. These types of repairs need to go to a body shop and should not be attempted by a SMART repair.  


The issue with a mobile repairer attempting to paint big areas outside is that blending the paint finish can be almost impossible. This would leave a finish that you would not be happy with.


Mobile repairers are very good at what they do, but they know their limitations.


If your vehicle needs a bodyshop repair then that would not be covered by any of the scratch and dent insurance products we have seen, certainly not ours.


If you want any further details then please get in touch.