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Vehicle owners misery after tyre slashing spree by vandals

Up to 50 vehicles have tyres slashed in one night in Manchester.


Reports suggest that around 50 vehicles have been targeted by vandals slashing tyres in Thameside, Manchester last Saturday night (15th June 2019). Police say that they are currently investigating 35 reports from vehicle owners, with the number expected to rise. tyre vandal damage


Damage to vehicle tyres will come at a cost to the owners, with one reporting a cost of £65 with others expecting the bill to be hundreds of pounds. Some owners have even found multiple tyres damaged on the same vehicle.


Police believe four youths are responsible, with investigations ongoing.


Another incident of multiple vehicles being targeted and tyres slashed occurred in the South East on the same night. The vandals struck in Eastwood, Essex where 8 cars were targeted in the same road, each having tyres ruined in a senseless attack. Again, teenagers are suspected to have perpetrated the act.


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