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The New Jaguar XE


The Jaguar Land Rover firm have been one of the best and most consistent performing brands in the last 24 months. Jaguar have moved the brands into emerging markets such as the Chinese and the US and found a significant increase in sales.


The success of the Range Rover Evoque model has increased the demand for a Range Rover or Jaguar model across the globe and has therefore allowed the British based brand to expand their current range of dealership networks across the country.


The British based firm have also been very successful in marketing the models and attracting audiences and headlines at the recent motor shows. The Jaguar XE along with the baby Jaguar SUV have been the biggest headline grabbing models with the latest Range Rover Sport just behind.


The latest Jaguar development in the form of the XE is set to take on one of the worlds best selling and most loved models, the BMW 3 Series. The XE model will sit underneath the XF in the current Jaguar line up and will be aimed at the very successful compact premium car which of course includes the competition of the 3 Series and the Mercedes C Class.


The new XE is likely to be cheaper than both of the markets leading models at somewhere in the region of £29,000. The XE will of course be built on the latest aluminium platform and will be powered by the very efficient four cylinder engines.


The architecture and platform of which the model has been built upon, may well be used for the next generation Baby Jaguar SUV model. The platform used could also see the XE model released as both front wheel drive and all wheel drive.


Jaguar have recently developed the 2.0 litre four cylinder engine of which they hope to use on a range of future models.