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Mercedes to buy Aston Martin?

Mercedes to buy Aston Martin?


Mercedes already own a 5% stake in the Aston Martin brand and executives at the company have not ruled out buying the remaining shares in the company. Most recently, Aston Martin have concluded a deal with Mercedes that will see a number of models be supplied by AMG engines and specs.


However, Aston Martin have confirmed that the AMG badge will not feature anywhere on the inside or outside of the Aston Martin models. In the past 12 months the Aston brand has somewhat struggled compared to the success over at Jaguar and may be looking for a deal with Mercedes to give the brand more of an ability to attack the market.


After the struggling year of 2012, the UK based brand announced they had achieved a loss of over £20 million. The firm believe that the loss was down to the fact that a number of newly released models had been marketed incorrectly.


If the Mercedes brand was to take control of the Aston Martin brand, it would be seen as a clever purchase as the brand looks to rival the achievements at fellow German brand, Volkswagen. Volkswagen own Porsche and Audi who are direct rivals of the Aston Martin brand in certain markets and a move for Mercedes to purchase the brand would be a very astute one.


As stated earlier, the AMG brand at Mercedes will be developing the engines and electronic components for the next Vantage model which even see the model built along the same platform as the next C63 AMG model.


The UK based brand recently reignited the firms interest in the SUV market by announcing that the Lagonda SUV will make production. The move comes after rivals at Jaguar stole the show at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in September.

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