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New Kia Sedona


The Sedona model has been amongst the most successful models under the Kia brand in the UK. The larger model has earned a reputation in the UK of being amongst the most used models for independent Taxi firms in the UK. The model is rumored for a release over in the US by the end of the year but sadly no plans are in place as of yet to launch the model here in the United Kingdom.


Over the last five years the Sedona model along side a number of other models, have helped to change the fortune of the Kia brand in car markets across the globe.


Facts about the new Kia Sedona


The large MPV vehicles are dominated by a select few models and the Sedona model already has a strong history of success in the UK market. However, the success of the Citroen brand with the Picasso and the Espace at Renault indicate the sort of competition the Sedona model faces.  The Kia brand has confirmed that the new Sedona model will be powered by the newly developed 3.3 litre GDI, V6 petrol engine that will produce an overall power of around 272 bhp. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet regarding the overall performance rates but we do expect to hear more on this matter when the vehicle is officially revealed later this year at the New York motor show.


We are also happy to have learnt of some additional features that will be set to come along with the Sedona and we see these come in the form of a built in infotainment system, an all new speed alert system, blind spot detectors and a built in Kia app store system. With this in mind we believe this Kia model to be a good rival for the likes of Vauxhall too.


The future of the Kia Sedona

Sadly nothing has been announced as of yet regarding an official date of launch for the Kia Sedona or a price tag that will come along with it. At this point in time the car is only set for an American launch but there is possibility that we may see the Sedona on UK roads sometime in the future.