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Manufacturers are constantly updating their line ups and models in order to hold consumer interest and this week several manufacturers have made the news. These vary from Renault and Caterham possibly dissolving their sportscar venture to BMW readying their Spartanburg expansion for production of the X7. Here's a brief overview of the latest manufacturer news stories.


Renault Caterham to dissolve joint sportscar venture?


British automaker, Caterham, made it's name for building continuation versions of the iconic Lotus Seven, still relying on Suzuki and Ford to supply it's engines. It has recently made an alliance with Renault when the company began supplying the Caterham F1 team with engines in 2011. Since then, the two manufacturers entered a joint venture in 2012 to develop a new sports car, talking about using Renault engines in versions of the Caterham Seven and even hinting at a crossover.


Recently, problems have been reported, stemming from delays in the development of the joint sports car program. After showing the design to select customer and receiving a lukewarm reception, Renault went back to the drawing board. Caterham could still launch the vehicle independently but that would be the last of the collaboration.


BMW readying Spartanburg expansion for X7 production


Before the debut of the BMW X5 in 1999, the idea of a BMW crossover may have seemed like heresay, though now fifteen years later the automaker has expanded it's line up to include the X1, X3, X4 and X6. Recent rumours have been that the company have decided to create an X2 to slot into the bottom of the range, though now it is being reported that they may be adding one to the top of the line, the X7.


The X7 is a rumoured three row model that would give BMW a rival for the Mercedes-Benz GL. According to The Wall Street Journal, BMW is expanding it's assembly plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, to accommodate production of the X7 alongside the X3, X4 and X5 that it already builds there.


The manufacturer has yet to confirm the rumours, though BMW have planned announcements for March 28th.


We'll keep you updated on more manufacturer news as it becomes available.