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The Mercedes brand have revealed their latest in concept vehicle designs and it is being known as the G Code. If the vehicle is set to go into production in the future it is uncertain at this moment in time as to whether or not the vehicle will be sold under this name or this is just a code name at this moment in time. The G-Code comes to us in the form of a supermini SUV model and is said to be a glimpse into the future of how Mercedes SUV models will look. Information has been revealed on this concept model including the design and overall look of the vehicle from the outside.


Images have also been revealed of the car which show some of these brand new features and the potential future of Mercedes SUV models in general. The company behind the idea have confirmed that the vehicle receives some of the latest in technology advancement and this is demonstrated in our opinion by a very neat feature included at the front end of the car.


Mercedes and the G-Code taking technology advancement to the next level?

The big technology based feature we are talking about is the addition of a large grille at the front end of the car which changes colour. When the car is stationary with the engine switched on we see that the front end of the car shines a Blue light where as if the car is moving blue stars shine across the grille. Moving Red stars show up when the vehicle is switched to the hybrid sport driving mode. That is not however where the technology ends for this car as another very innovative piece of technological advancement also finds a place in the G-Code.


This piece of technology consists of the ignition system which will no longer be operated by a key. It will now be operated by your smart phone. That's right you heard correctly, your smart phone. There is a docking station located in the dashboard where you plug your phone in to start up the car. Rear view cameras are also included but incorporate their own technology never seen before on vehicles. Both camera screens will be located at both ends of the windscreen.


It has been stated that the vehicle in length will measure 4.1 meters which roughly works out at about the same size as a Juke model from Nissan. Another big step in advancement is the driving platform to come along with the car. It has been confirmed for this concept vehicle that the car can be switched between all wheel drive,front and rear wheel drive depending on preference.


Is the G-Code the future of our automotive industry?

The majority of features that have been stated to come into play with the brand new G-Code model are certainly vehicle components of the future and we have to wonder that if this car is indeed to be put into production in the future will other automaker's follow in the vehicles footsteps?


Companies such as BMW with the I8 and Audi with the R8 LMX have certainly made an impression on vehicle industry this year by incorporating laser light technology into their vehicles, so can Mercedes follow suit with this creation? If the car is to go into production we don't expect to see it arrive on the road until at least the year 2017 at the earliest.