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The future SUV market


This week has been a ground breaking week for the SUV car market after a wide range of manufacturers have announced a desire to join the in demand SUV market. Over the past two years both the SUV car market and the crossover car market has been in demand with manufacturers such as Nissan and Volkswagen reaping the rewards.


Last year, other manufacturers such as Jaguar and Aston Martin announced their desire to join the SUV concept by releasing new concept models. The Aston Martin Lagonda concept model was featured at a previous motor show back in 2008, however, following the recent rise in the demand and popularity surrounding the Jaguar SUV concept the Aston brand have decided to go ahead.


As mentioned before, Volkswagen have experienced a considerable amount of success in the car market under the base brand and the Audi brand and have therefore decided to develop an SUV model under both the Seat name and the Skoda brand.


Nissan have also recently announced that they might be launching the third generation of Murano models in the UK. The Japanese mass market manufacturer have had a considerable amount of success following the release of the Juke and Qashqai crossovers in the UK and plan on building up the range of models with the US bases Murano.


This week has also brought us the news of Alfa Romeo releasing a new SUV model in 2016. The Fiat owned brand has recently announced a number of new models and developments with doubt still surrounding the development of a roadster model alongside the Mazda brand.


Fiat announced that they plan to build upon the current dealership network in the US by bulking up the range of models on offer. This has included building up the Alfa Romeo brand range with such models as an SUV.