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Seat SUV


Seat to be the next manufacturer to join the SUV car market by 2016. The Volkswagen owned brand will become the latest of a long list of manufacturers to join the in demand SUV car market. The Volkswagen group have experienced the success of the SUV market first hand with models such as the Tuguan and the Audi Q3.


Jaguar, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo have all announced plans to release a new SUV model in the next couple of years. In the last number of years SUV models and the Crossover market have been amongst a number of markets to thrive during such a difficult time within the European economy.


Seat have been amongst the growing car manufacturers under the Volkswagen Group and have built up a reputation of being both reliable and of a high standard of quality. Seat along with Skoda have thrived under the umbrella of Volkswagen as many of the British public see the pair of brands being a less expensive Volkswagen.


The launch of the latest development is a mark of intent for the Seat brand to increase on the sales figures achieve last time out. The new Seat model is set to join markets such as the UK in the year of 2016. It is believed that the model will be a direct rival to the successful Nissan Qashqai model.


The move has not come as a surprise and has instead been long awaited. The very successful Audi Q3 model has been one of the most successful models to grace the SUV car market and has been built at a number of Seat production plants across Europe.


Seat's sister brand Skoda have also released plans to build their own crossover model in the near future. The new Skoda model will take on the shape of the Yeti and will be built directly alongside the Seat model in the Czech Republic. Both models are believed to be entering production towards the end of next year and will be ready for the market by late 2016.