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Mercedes S500 Coupe


This year will see the official release of many brand new vehicles, some of which could very well go on to prove to be some key sellers in the history of their respective brands. Today though we have a look towards this September when we will see the grand launch of the all new S500 Coupe model from German company Mercedes.


The Mercedes brand in the past have been notorious for some key sellers which include the likes of the SLK and the C Class. The S Class line up has also proven to be a key ingredient in the success of the companies history also.


In the past some Mercedes models have proven to be healthy competition for the likes of Audi and BMW and we believe that when this brand new S500 Coupe model goes on sale this September it could certainly prove to do much of the same.


The things to know about the Mercedes S500 Coupe model

What has been included in this particular model during its time on the production line to help it stand out and make an impact? Well firstly we welcome in the addition of a 4.7 litre, V8 engine that produces a total of 448 brake horse power overall. A quick time of 4.6 seconds is all it will take for the S500 Coupe to hit 62 miles per hour from a standstill. Overall we see top speeds being achieved of 155 miles per hour. A seven speed, automatic transmission system will also come along for the ride with the S500.


Some other features to keep an eye out for with this particular model also include the likes of good interior space and an all new heads up display for the interior of the vehicle.


How much will the Mercedes S500 Coupe go on sale for?


We are firstly pleased to bring you the news that this brand new Mercedes model officially goes on sale from September of this year and prices for the S500 Coupe will go on sale from around £95,000 brand new.