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Mercedes and the official release of the all new CLS model for 2014

Today we take a look into the all new CLS model from the German company Mercedes which is now available to purchase across multiple parts of the world. This model has recently gone on sale and consists of much power and comfort along with additional pieces of equipment that we believe could very well be some key selling points for the vehicle. Mercedes have become one of the worlds house hold names over the years with thanks going to additions to the C Class line up and S Class amongst many more.


If there is anything that these models have proven it's that the brand behind the cars know what it takes to combine power and comfort perfectly and we believe that is exactly what the new CLS model for 2014 has to offer. So what is it about this particular model that should grab your attention and why could this car be an even match for the likes of the Audi A7?


The new updates and tweaks for the CLS 2014 version

Some new pieces of equipment come along with this car and we see the majority of changes go into the engine and performance rates so that is where we will start. We firstly see the use of a 2.1litre, turbo diesel engine with an overall power output of 175 brake horse power. Top speeds for the new CLS are hit out at 140 miles per hour and we also see 400NM of Torque produced. An 8.3 second sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour is also achieved for the brand new addition of the CLS. The 7G gearbox that Mercedes offers will also come along with this new CLS model.


Some other features to keep an eye out for with the Mercedes CLS 2014 model also include the likes of 18 inch alloy wheels,an eight inch infotainment system and LED lighting will also come as part of the line up also. Therefore, proving to be some top flight competition going up against the likes of BMW and Vauxhall technology wise.


How much does a new Mercedes CLS model sell for?


This CLS model which is available to purchase right now can be found around select Mercedes showrooms and dealers and it sells brand new for a total cost of £46,500.

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