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Mercedes set to launch the V class V250 in January

In some upcoming vehicle release news today, we have our attention aimed at the German car manufacturing company Mercedes and one of their upcoming vehicle launches which will make it's way to you in the form of the brand new V Class V250 model and, it is all set for a grand launch here in the UK and across other parts of the world too throughout January of next year. Over the years we have seen many vehicles leave the Mercedes camp which combine both power and comfort and we believe that with no doubt in our minds, this all new V Class model will certainly prove to be no exception next year.


Why should you choose the Mercedes V Class V250?

So with power and comfort in mind, we believe that this all new addition of the V250 next year could very well prove to be one of the finest models to ever make their way out of the company. So what is it that the company famous for the C Class and S Class have done to make this model a strong potential rival against the likes of BMW, Audi and Nissan? Well in regards to the engine and performance aspect, we see the addition of a 2.1 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine that overall produces power of 187 bhp with top speeds being reached all round of 128 miles per hour. We see this front wheel drive model make the jump from zero to 62 miles per hour in a time of 9.1 seconds. The Mercedes V Class also benefits from a seven speed automatic, transmission system.


What will be the cost a new Mercedes V Class V250?

Well even though at this present moment a date is still yet to be confirmed for a launch but we do know that it will occur from January of next year. In terms of how much this V Class will set you back, expect to invest into this model for an overall cost of £39,500 from your closest Mercedes showroom.