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Mercedes SL62 AMG


In a look today at a recent vehicle launch onto the roads, we take a look at the German Vehicle designer Mercedes and the grand launch of their all new SL63 AMG model which is on sale now and judging by what we know could very well turn out to be one of the best addition's to the line up yet. If a performance driven car is what you are seeking then we believe that this addition to the range could very well be the one for you.


Mercedes have proven their desire to build the perfect all round vehicle time and time again and we have seen this to be the case with models such as the SLK and the S Class. What edge does the all new SL63 AMG model hold over it's predecessors though and could this be a rival for the likes of BMW with similar machines?


The key selling points and features of the Mercedes SL63 AMG


So what has gone into this brand new addition to the range to help boost success for the company? Well considering this car is performance based mainly, what better place to start than at the engine and performance rates. Firstly we see the addition of a 5.5 litre, V8, Twin turbo engine which produces a power output of 577 brake horse power with overall top speeds being hit out at 155 miles per hour. With that in mind we see this vehicle make the overall sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in an overall time of 4.1 seconds. The model is only available as a rear wheel drive variant but it does benefit from a dual clutch, transmission system. Other rivals for this machine include the likes of the Jaguar XKR-S model.


How much does the Mercedes SL63 AMG cost?

We are firstly pleased to inform you that you can make the purchase on this brand new Mercedes model right now from a range of different Mercedes showrooms and dealerships around the UK and other countries world wide. Now in terms of how much you can expect to pay, expect to invest into this model for an overall cost of £112,510.