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Mini Cooper D the best on the market?


In our opinion the iconic British car brand known as Mini have released some of the best compact models onto our roads over the years all with memorable standout points. One of the latest Mini models to be launched here in the UK though and across other parts of the world comes your way in the form of the all new Mini Cooper Diesel model and could very well be one of the best driving experiences ever delivered from the mass manufacturer ever.


The model has a few snags when it comes to interior leg room for passengers and boot space but, apart from that we cant really think of too many things to complain about when it comes to this brand new Cooper model.


What makes the Mini Cooper D a good all round car?


So now with a look into the cars main standout features and keen selling points we see many welcomed additions to the line up with a lot of optional extras but first, lets take a look into the engine and it's overall performance. Firstly with the engine we see the welcomed addition of a 1.5 litre, three cylinder, turbo diesel engine that produces overall 114 brake horsepower with top speeds reached all round of 127 miles per hour. With these key figures in mind, we see the Cooper D make the leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of only 9.2 seconds.


The vehicle makes its way to you as a front wheel drive variant but does also come fully fitted with a six speed, manual transmission system as standard. Other key features include, plenty of interior space for the front passenger and driver wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a DAB digital radio and air conditioning also comes thrown in as part of the package as standard too.


So with these key combinations ranging upwards more than ever, we see the new Cooper as a strong potential rival for the likes of the latest Corsa from Vauxhall, the Fiesta ST from Ford and the DS3 from French car manufacturer Citroen.


How much will the Mini Cooper D set you back price wise?


You can make your official purchase on this brand new Mini Cooper model for an overall cost of £16,450 and you can purchase this wonderful Mini Cooper D right now from your closest Mini dealership wherever in the world you currently are.