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Mini Cooper D deliveries delayed

Mini Cooper D


The Mini Cooper D was set to be released in the next few months but engine noise issues have been holding the firm back. Diesel engines are known for its sound, however, it is believed that this model has abnormally very loud engine for a small Mini Cooper model.


The new Mini Cooper D has been fitted with a new three cylinder 1.5 lire engine, but the diesel equivalent is supposed to be a considerable amount noisier than expected. Customers have already signed up to purchase the model after order books opened a couple of weeks ago and it is not yet known when the engine changes will be made.


A Mini spokesperson has confirmed that petrol engined versions of the Mini Cooper will still go ahead with delivery whilst diesel engined models have not yet been confirmed. A number of customers have actually received the model before being immediately told by the dealership to return the model due to audio acoustic problems, the audio acoustic problems being the diesel engine being louder than it should be.


One customer has published a statement saying that he received the new model on the friday morning and by friday evening the dealership had been in touch and told them to return the model. After the recall, Mini then announced that they had suspended all orders on the diesel engine model.


The new Cooper D model is said to be the best looking and best performing model in the Mini range and as well as that will be the most fuel efficient model under the Mini badge. Owners of Mini, BMW, have recently announced that the Mini brand will be entering the all electrical and hybrid car markets this year and hope to rival the success achieved by the I range of models released by BMW late last year.

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