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New Car Charge Technology - New Nissan Milestone - BMW i3


Technology has been a big player on the future of vehicles this week as demonstrated by new showings at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We have seen smart watch tech, smart phone apps that power your car and new laser technology. Another feature that has been announced over the past twenty four hours is a piece of new technology that could charge up electric vehicles much faster than ever before in a time of a full charge in around three minutes. A company named Storedot based in Israel have announced the gadget that they have been hard at work on.


The specifics on the feature and what it consists of are very slim on information right now and we are unsure of just how it will work. The new technology could be revealed for the first time as early as 2016. The company have announced that the work on the new electronic vehicle technology has only just begun but they have said that within one year they are looking to show a model of an EV which is charged fully within three minutes.


The i3 to drive itself in the future?

The i3 is one of the biggest selling ranges that the German manufacturer are currently offering on the road. Along with the i8, the model has achieved some phenomenal success as an alternatively fuelled car. If you thought that the i3 could not achieve even better results though, that is where BMW are looking to prove you wrong.


This week the auto maker have announced that the car aswell as others would be receiving new self driving vehicle technology within the next three years that will see the car being able to park itself. The new technology consists of four laser sensors located all around the car.


These will allow the i3 to judge the area around it and find the nearest parking space. Multi story car parks is where the gadget will work at its best as you can leave the hassle of finding a space completely to the car which will then do its own thing, find the space and park up in it. The lasers have also been confirmed to work as a collision avoidance system too. The new gadgets and future advances in vehicles is certainly flying away with itself and BMW have a very strong vision on where they want to be with their vehicle range over the course of the next three years.


Nissan hit a milestone for the third straight year

Figures released today show that the Nissan brand in 2014 officially made history in their factory located in Sunderland for the third straight year. The figure shows that the firm produced 500,000 vehicles and rolled them off of the production line last year something they also did back in 2013 and 2012 too. Showing how well the company have adapted to new hybrid and electric technology, over 17,000 vehicles built were electronic with the Leaf taking up a lot of these units. A recent statistic has shown that one in every five Nissan models produced is a Qashqai.


The last vehicle to roll of the production line in 2014 was the Juke Nismo and the company are hoping to bring the car in as one of the biggest sellers on the 2015 market aswell as maintaining momentum for the Leaf and Qashqai also. Our congratulations go out to Nissan.