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Nissan Leaf recall

The Japanese Giant Nissan is recalling certain LEAF models that were built within a particular 13 day period that could be missing critical spot welds. The good news is that there are not many vehicles that are affected by this particular problem.


What is this Nissan Leaf recall for?


In the automotive industry, a recall of course is never a good thing. Sometimes they are far minor adjustments to software or minor repairs and sometimes they are necessary to save lives. Luckily for the Nissan company, this recall that is issued for particular LEAF 2014 models that were built between 28th of February and 12th of March this year applies to just 211 vehicles in the USA and a further 65 in Canada.


The cause for the recall is possible missing spot welds on a front structural member of the models. In models without these welds, the occupants of the car are more at risk in a frontal collision. There have been no injuries or deaths as a result of this issue thankfully and of course Nissan has offered to replace the affected vehicles free of charge.


Replacing a vehicle entirely for free of course will be expensive for Nissan, though of the 276 Nissan LEAF models that have been recalled for inspection, the company believes that there will only be a small number that will have to be replaced. The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued this recall last month and tweeted last week to remind people of the issue.


More Nissan recall news


The company was also forced to recall 29,000 LEAF models in March of this year for a problem with airbag software. It is unclear how the issue of this current recall happened. Fortunately for the best selling electric vehicle in the world, only a small number of them were affected and the company has caught and addressed the issue rather quickly.

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