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Peugeot Boxer


In some of the latest news today to come from the French car manufacturers Peugeot, we are pleased to report on the latest breaking news regarding the reveal of the all new Boxer van from the company which has been announced over the past week. Over the years we have seen Peugeot make big impact on both the new and used car markets around the world and we have seen Peugeot design some truly great all round vehicles that have gone on to be some big sellers.


Some of these models include the likes of, the 308 and the 208. Peugeot have also had much success over the years with some vans they have released but, what is it about this latest van model of the Boxer that makes it stand out and why should you choose to make the investment into this brand new model?


The key selling features of the Peugeot Boxer


So with that being said, what has gone into this brand new Peugeot model during production time to make it stand out as a leader in the industry and even potentially rival other big van selling brands such as the likes of Ford, Volkswagen and Nissan with the NV 400? So firstly we see the welcome addition's of,one of three 2.2 litre HDI engines a 3.0 litre HDI engine will also go on offer along side. All variations are set to be huge reducements in emissions by upto 5g/km. Noise reduction is said to be a key part of this van too with tweaks made to the,damper brackets body structure and greater strength abilities come into play with this particular model too.


Some of key features which we believe will make strong key selling points include the likes of power assisted steering, a reversing camera, adaptive control, a lane departure warning system and ABS also comes with the Peugeot Boxer as standard.


The future for Peugeot and the Boxer

Sadly a lot is still under lock and key at this moment in time regarding the launch date and price tag that will come along with this particular Peugeot model however, the van will receive it's first public display later on this month from the commercial vehicle show in Birmingham were we expect to hear more on a price tag and launch date.