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Volkswagen Mid-Size Coupe

New Volkswagen mid size Coupe


The Volkswagen firm have recently revealed a mid sized coupe model at the Beijing Motor Show. It is believed that the new model will inspire rivals such as Mercedes and BMW to build a model of their own to build up the segment.


The German mass market manufacturer have been labelled as being the best selling car manufacturer this year and are hoping to officially take the title from Toyota by the end of the year. The Volkswagen base brand along with Audi and Porsche have been leading a number of markets including the SUV market which has been amongst the best selling car markets this year.


Audi have recently overtaken both Mercedes and BMW in the luxury car market for the first three months of the year and hope that the trend continues. The luxury car manufacturer has also assisted the VW group in acquiring one of the biggest market shares in the Chinese car market.


It is believed that the new mid sized coupe model built by Volkswagen will be built with the main intention of increasing market share in the Chinese car market. On the other hand the firm are yet to confirm production and are set to wait a short while to see whether the interest in the model grows and if rival manufacturers also announce a move into the market segment.


At the Beijing Motor Show the firm announced that the concept would be powered by a four cylinder engine that will reach 0-62mph in a time of just 6.5 seconds. The firm also announced that the new Coupe model would have a top speed of somewhere in and around the 152mph mark.


The new concept model somewhat takes on the look of the Volkswagen CC and a number of the paintwork options also come from the model. The model will be built around space and will offer the motorist more in the way of fuel economy.