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Hybrid Porsche - Ferrari Auction - Dodge Viper at Le Mans 2015


The chief of sales and marketing over at the Porsche brand Bernhard Maier has stated that more plug in hybrid vehicles may be all set to make their way to the brand in the future. Both the Panamera and Cayenne two of the biggest sellers for the company are already offered in hybrid variations aswell as the 918 Spyder which shows that the company can take the mix of both specialities and make it work.


Although the 911,Boxster and Cayman have been denied of plug in hybrid attributes over the past year, a comment from Maier states that “We have a lot of ideas,but we have not approved them for production as of yet. The 918 Spyder shows that Porsche has the capability to produce very convincing hybrid sports cars”. We are very excited about the potential for more hybrids coming out of Porsche and we are looking forward to seeing just what it is the German sports car brand have up their sleeve.


The Ferrari 215 GTB to go for auction

This month the classic Ferrari 215 GTB used in the Le Mans 24 hour race will go up for auction. The car will be up for auction in just over one weeks time on the 15th of January. The model was used at Le Mans in 1966 and only twelve units of the car were made world wide. The version of this car was restored back in 1980 which was the latest work recorded on file for the vehicle. We are uncertain of how much the car will be auctioned for or how much bidding will start but as soon as the car is sold, we will provide an update on just how much the classic model sells for.


Is the Dodge Viper set to return to Le Mans?

Recent the Chrysler firm announced that they are to resign the popular racing program for the Dodge Viper which has certainly gone down in history as one of the best racing cars of all time. This week however the news has broken out that the car may very well be set to return to the racing circuit just in time for the Le Mans 24 hour race this year. It was originally in March that the decision to pull the Viper from Le Mans was made. The news is that sponsors for the car have been firmly kept in place of hopes of the car making a return which could be a strong potential this year when the Le Mans race returns in June.