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Ferrari 458 Speciale


In some of the latest vehicle release news today coming out of the Italian car company Ferrari, we are all excited about the grand release of the all new 458 Speciale model which has recently gone on sale. It is being reported that this could be one of the finest additions to the range in quite some time when it comes to V8 engine models.


The Ferrari brand have recently launched the California model which is receiving some good press right the way around the world and could be the companies finest car on offer right now. How does this brand new 458 model compare to it though and could this be the ideal car for you to purchase when it comes to the world of sports cars with some rivals such as Lamborghini going at it.


The key features and selling points of the Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari vehicles have always had a good reputation for developing fast high powered machines and we believe that this new 458 model will certainly be no let down. The engine used in the 458 consists of a 4497cc engine that will reach an impressive top speed of 202 miles per hour which is helped by the sprint time from zero to 62 miles per hour which comes in at three seconds flat.


A huge amount of 597 brake horse power is also developed from the Speciale. A seven speed twin clutch semi automatic transmission system also comes along with this car. Therefore, we see this particular addition to the Ferrari line up as an ideal rival for other top sports car firms such as the likes of Porsche and Jaguar.


What price does the Ferrari 458 Speciale come in at?

In regards to the launch of this model, we are pleased to inform you that this car is officially on sale right now from selected Ferrari showrooms. In regards to the price tag that comes along with the 458, expect to own one of these cars for a sum of £208,065 for a brand new model.