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A New Jaguar XF

A New Jaguar XF


The original Jaguar XF went on sale in 2008 and was updated by 2011. The updates included a whole new look and engine range which may just be what the next XF may receive.


However, the latest XF model has been a huge success across car markets worldwide and the next model is suspected to experience a considerable amount less changes. On the other hand, the new XF updated model will display the new corporate front on the model which will include changes to the grille and headlight design.


Jaguar and Land Rover have recently signed a deal with one of the largest aluminium producers in the world and have therefore decide to make the most of the material by reducing the weight of all new models by incorporating the aluminium on to the body work. The old XF did weigh a considerable amount at somewhere in the region of 1745kg. However, the new XF is thought to have lost a considerable amount of weight due to the change in materials. The new Range Rover model has also seen a shift in weight on the positive side.


In terms of the new XF engines, it is thought that the new turbocharged four cylinder petrol and diesel engined along with the possibility of V6. The Jaguar XF model is set to come with the new eight speed automatic gearbox in all standard models.


The move of the radiator on the new XF can also be found on other developments at Jaguar such as the new SUV and smaller saloon models. This is because the smaller and more compact Hotfire four cylinder engine which allows more room for air flow coming through the grille. The idea of a larger SUV model with the Jaguar badge is also set to be developed and released at the same time as the new XF model.


The new Jaguar XF model is set to be released sometime in the sales year of 2015.

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