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Peugeot 508


In the world of upcoming car launches an image was recently leaked online showing a brand new revised version of the Peugeot 508 model which is all set to go on sale soon. The image shows a brand new front end of the car but is also expected that this vehicle will also benefit from some additional changes to the vehicle itself including engines and equipment.


The 508 has proven to be a good seller for Peugeot and they have been successful with the launch of the original model. The likes of the 206 and the 306 over the years have gone on to be two of the biggest selling models in the French firm's history but could a facelift for the 508 model be exactly what this vehicle needs to put it up there as another best seller for the company?


The changes and features of the Peugeot 508


So what has made the cut when it comes to a whole new set of revised features and components for this brand new Peugeot model and why should you choose to invest into this car over anything similar on offer in terms of rival competition from the likes of the Skoda Superb, the Ford Mondeo and the Vauxhall Insignia? Well firstly we see the welcome addition of a brand new 1.6 litre Diesel engine or the options of 2.0 litre Diesel engined model will also go on sale too. Sadly nothing has been announced as of yet regarding performance rates for this car although we do expect to hear more very soon. Sadly nothing has been announced regarding other additional pieces of equipment or technology either but again expect to hear more on this very soon.


The future and price of the Peugeot 508


Sadly an exact date of launch for this car is still yet to be revealed but we are pleased to make you aware that full details on this car will be officially revealed this month with an expected price tag to come along with this car of about £20,000.