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The Nurburgring located in Germany is the prime spot from the globe where a majority of brand new vehicles of all natures go to be tested. Over the years we have seen some very quick times set at the Nurburgring for many cars and their respective manufacturers anywhere from SUV vehicles right up to high end sports cars. The Nurburgring was built in 1925 and has received many changes to the layout of the track over the years. It was in 1984 that the track underwent its biggest change to date. The Nurburgring is a professional racing track which is well known for its numerous loops and corners and straights where the true power of a car is put to the test.


The track is often used by car manufacturers and professional testers too but the Nurburgring is also open to the public during weekends in which drivers can take their vehicle onto the track. The track is also used for professional racing too. Today here at Shortfall we have been casting our attention back to some vehicles which have been tested on the road over previous years and have proven to be some of the quickest to ever enter the Nurburgring. We have today put together a list of some the quickest from the past and present to establish just which models made an impact on the Nurburgring.


The best and quickest to leave an impression on the Nurburgring


The Porsche 911 GT 2 RS

The 911 GT 2 RS was first produced and arrived four years ago now and has certainly left a positive impression on the sports car world. It is known for its extremely lightweight body structure,added pieces of equipment and overall great performance rates. We have entered the GT 2 RS into our list today as when it did a lap around the Nurburgring in 2010 it managed to complete the lap in a quick time of 7 minutes and 24 seconds. Modifications to the car were made which also included a carbon body structure which made the car very lightweight and agile. The main focal point which helped the car achieve such a good time at the Nurburgring though was definitely the powerful engine that was included. If we pull up the bonnet of the GT 2 RS, we seen that Porsche included the fitting of a 3.6 litre,six cylinder engine which combined with the standard six six speed transmission system seen an overall power deliverance of 611bhp and 700NM of Toque was also delivered to the cars rear wheels.

A top speed was achieved from the GT 2 RS of 205 miles per hour which was boosted by the super fast time in which it took the GT 2 RS to hit the 62 miles per hour zone which came in at 3.5 seconds. With a great sports car great features can also be expected. We see this delivered upon by the uses of carbon fibre racing seats, ceramic brakes, 19 inch alloy wheels and air conditioning as standard. The purchase price to come along with a brand new Porsche 911 GT 2 RS stands at £164,107.


The Lexus LFA

This next model comes to us courtesy of the Lexus brand who set a great time on the Nurburgring with their LFA model and a special Nurburgring version of the car was actually used to do the lap and is sold on our roads today. The LFA Nurburgring hit its lap time in 2011 and completed the track in a quick 7 minutes and 14 seconds. The whole body design of the car is built entirely from carbon fibre which is one of the most lightweight materials available. This certainly had a part to play when it came to setting a good lap time. With a look into the power side of things which helps the LFA deliver from a performance point of view, we see that the Toyota owned brand included the fitting of a 4.8 litre,V10 engine which taken into consideration with the six speed,semi automatic transmission system can deliver on 562 units of brake horse power and delivers 480NM of Torque to the rear wheels of the car. A sprint time from 0 to 62 miles per hour is achieved from the LFA in 3.7 seconds. An overall top speed of 202 miles per hour is also achieved from the car. There are a lot of additional pieces of equipment which also help the car to perform well and we see the additions of power assisted steering,traction control and stability control help to deliver on a much more controlled and agile driving performance. The likes of air conditioning, electric windows and a reversing camera are also more added pieces of equipment that find a place of pride in the Lexus LFA. A purchase on this current LFA Nurburgring model comes in at £400,000.


The Range Rover Sport SVR

Our next vehicle to make it into our list today and hold our third spot in the countdown this afternoon is the most recent vehicle on our entire list and is a car that still hasn't officially been launched onto our roads as of yet. This vehicle will no doubt be a huge seller for Land Rover and it makes its way to you in the form of the brand new Range Rover Sport SVR model. This vehicle is on record as the fastest ever production SUV model to be tested on the 12.9 mile track and it broke the lap record in a time of eight minutes and fourteen seconds. The new SVR model is expected to go on sale from early on into next year and was recently officially unveiled at the Goodwood festival of speed.

In regards to what helped the new Sport model to hit such a good time at the Nurburgring we see that during the production of the new SVR the firm developing the car included a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 unit. Power for the car comes in at a strong 543 bhp which is a 40 bhp increase on that of the previous addition to the range. Therefore we can see that the car was helped to get around the Nurburgring by the 4.8 seconds in which it takes the car to reach the 62mph speed area from the get go. This is set to be the fastest ever Range Rover Sport model to go on sale and with the lap time that it achieved at the Nurburgring we can see why. When the car is officially launched, expect to pay a purchase price of around £100,000 for a brand new version of the vehicle.


The Nissan GT R Nismo

The next sports car addition in our countdown today currently holds the record at the Nurburgring for the quickest volume production car to ever lap the track. The GT R Nismo from the Nissan brand is one of the most well known and recognised sports cars on the road right now and it certainly does have everything. Added features check, comfort check and an all round powerful performance check. In fact the all round powerful performance holds significance for the Nurburgring as this car is officially the third quickest car to ever make it onto the world famous track. A total of seven minutes and eight seconds was the time in which we seen the GT R Nismo fly around the German track. The GT R Nismo is all about the sports style as is demonstrated by the great pieces of equipment to come along with the vehicle and a great performing engine. With the engine and power aspect coming into play here, with a look into what makes the GT R Nismo something special, we see that whilst the car was in development, Nissan installed the use of a 3.8 litre,twin turbo,V6 engine which when linked to the six speed,twin clutch automatic transmission system seen an excellent power output of 592 brake horse power and 652NM of Torque delivered to all four wheels. A 2.6 second sprint time from 0 to 62 miles per hour is achieved and an all round top speed of 200 miles per hour is achieved by the GT R Nismo. Sports is definitely a key selling feature of the car too which sees a fully leather interior and a set of leather racing seats to match. As expected from the third quickest car to ever fly around the Nurburgring, the vehicle does come along with a slightly high price tag of £125,000 but if power and performance rates are your thing, then the GT R Nismo could very well be the best car you have ever driven.


The Porsche 918 Spyder

Reaching our number one position today is the return of the Porsche brand to the Nurburgring and their very quick performance car the 918 Spyder. A total time of six minutes and fifty seven seconds are all that was needed for the 918 Spyder to make it around the German testing track. It currently holds the record for the second quickest ever vehicle to make it around the German Nurburgring and for the price and value for money we have decided to bring it into play today at the very top of our list. The vehicle comes with a great deal of added equipment and an all round powerful engine which is by the way joined by two electric motors. A 4.6 litre, V8 engine is what makes up for the majority of power that the vehicle possesses. Paired with a seven speed PDK gearbox, we see that the car delivers on an all round whopping 875 brake horse power. A top speed limitation of 214 miles per hour is helped to be achieved by the car thanks to the additions of a total weight of 1,633kg in total and the very quick 2.6 seconds in which it takes the car to make the dash from the get go to speeds of 62mph.

As far as those additional pieces of kit to come along with the car are concerned and what make the vehicle even more added value for money, we see that the additions of LED lighting, ceramic brakes, adaptive dampers and a built in sat nav system are warmly welcomed additions for the 918 Spyder. As far as value for money goes with this car we see that a purchase price of £652,849 comes in with the entry level version of the car where as the highest price tag to come along with the 918 Spyder stands at £712,088.


Will the Nurburgring continue to develop even more faster vehicles ?

Well at this present moment in time, the number one holder for a Nurburgring speed record and the quickest ever car to go around the track is the Radical SR8 LM open top car. This achieved the lap time in six minutes and forty eight seconds. Without a doubt, some of the very best performing vehicles on our roads right now have at one point or another been around the Nurburgring. The track has delivered some of the quickest vehicles in history and with the rate that new technological advancements in our cars are developing we see the Nurburgring as the very place to test when developing a brand new high powered vehicle.