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Subaru Motability Changes - Mondeo Depreciation Rates - Renault Zoe & Kangoo


Subaru have announced that both of their Forester and XV models are now officially available to be owned via the companies nationwide mobility scheme. Both of these vehicles have proven to be key sellers when it comes to the search for a good family car on the market and they have seen some tremendous success over the years. We think that is is a great move to offer both of these cars via the scheme as we believe it will help to increase the recognition of the cars and potentially even bring in higher demand for the cars.


Only a select range of Subaru dealers at the moment can offer mobility vehicles via their showroom but the brand have confirmed that a lot of showrooms will be given training courses throughout the course of 2015 which will allow them to sell Subaru vehicles on the mobility scheme in the future. Therefore with the amount of showrooms selling mobility vehicles in the future, we could very well see an increase on the production of both cars with a higher demand possibly coming into play.


The Ford Mondeo less likely to lose value?

CAP automotive who are independent car experts have estimated that the vehicle value on a Ford Mondeo is less likely to drop compared to some of its rivals on the market right now. These figures will come into play for the brand new Mondeo will will become available from 2015. After three years and a mileage of 30,000 miles, it has been estimated by the company that a Ford Mondeo in Zetec form would on average hold on to 42.7 percent of its original brand new listing price. The vehicle family in which the Mondeo falls into is expected to contest with some of the biggest and brightest vehicles of 2015 which will include the A4 and the BMW 3 series.


The Renault Zoe undergoes some changes

Renault have announced that their popular electric vehicle the Zoe has now received a drop in price for its battery leasing. The company have announced that customers will no longer be faced with the option of leasing batteries for the car on a monthly basis if they do not wish to.


The firm will now offer the battery with the car for a one of cost of £18,443 and the Kangoo model from the same firm also receives the same treatment. Would you still prefer to lease a battery though?. Well if that is the case then Renault also have a deal for you. The monthly cost of leasing a battery for both vehicles has also seen a price reduction by £20.00 if you sign up to the deal before March of next year. If you are to travel upto 3,000 miles per year then a battery can be leased for as little as £25.00 a month. This deal applies to a three year agreement.