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Today here at Shortfall we are taking a look into some of the best value for money vehicles of 2014 when it comes down to fuel efficiency. The term fuel efficiency means how much you can get out of the fuel in your car in terms of distance compared to that of how much fuel you actually use to do it. We have a constructed a list of five vehicles from numerous manufacturers available on the market for 2014 which have great fuel efficiency. More often than not a lot of these kind of vehicles are city cars which takes up the majority of our list today. One of the most common measures of fuel efficiency is miles per gallon or litre and the five vehicles we have constructed for you today get a decent amount for your money when it comes down to making some good lengthy journeys in your car. Ranges of fuel used can vary on speeds travelled. For instance if you continuously drove at high speeds fuel would be used a lot quicker. Another example of a quick loss of fuel would be traveling through the city stopping at traffic lights the whole journey. Fuel will be used whilst your waiting at traffic lights. Good fuel efficiency can often be gotten out of long journeys on country roads for example where stopping is not needed as much as city journeys. What about if you prefer the city routes though what options do you have in front of you then when it comes to fuel efficient cars ?. Well today's list is designed to help you out with this matter.


The five most fuel efficient vehicles to own



The Citroen C1 1.0 e-VTI


So firstly making the list today is the addition of the C1 1.0 litre,e-VTI model from French car manufacturer Citroen. The C1 is certainly one of the most fuel efficient vehicles available around the world today. The very first version of the C1 was produced in 2005 and is still very much alive today. The version of car we have focused on today the 1.0 e-VTI has a C02 emission of 88g/km and can travel for a range of 572 miles from a 35 litre petrol tank. This variant of the car is the Airscape which has proven to be a good steady seller for the manufacturer over the years. The C1 is one of the best city cars to be made available around the world today and in the past it has seen off some vast competition from brands such as Toyota with the Yaris and the Aygo model. You can certainly get some good value for money when it comes to fuel consumption with the car and the vehicle also benefits from a vast range of features that could grab your attention.


Some of the key selling features for the car along side the fuel efficiency are LED daytime running lights,a DAB digital radio,remote central locking,electric front windows,a seven inch touch screen,a reversing camera,USB connectivity,curtain airbags and ABS as standard. The vehicle is made available as a five door variant and a manual five speed transmission system also comes along with the C1 as standard. Prices for this range of Citroen C1 begin at £10,835.

Citroen C1



The Toyota Aygo 1.0 three door VVTi


The next to reach our line up today is another great selling city car which comes to us courtesy of the minds over at the Japanese company Toyota. The vehicle in question is perhaps one of the firms biggest selling city cars on offer right now and it of course comes to you in the form of the Aygo. The variant of the car that we have our attention on today is the 1.0 litre, three door VVTi model. This vehicle comes with a 998cc engine and a five speed manual transmission system as standard. A total of 69 brake horse power is developed from the engine included which helps the car to reach a total top speed limit of 99 miles per hour. The sprint from 0 to 60mph can also be achieved by the Aygo 1.0 VVTi in a steady time of 14.2 seconds. An average fuel efficiency of 4.1 litres is used for an estimated 62 mile journey. A total of 95g/km C02 emission is also put out from this Aygo variant.


Alongside some good steady power outputs from the Aygo 1.0 VVTi we also see that the car is well equipped in terms of additional pieces of equipment. Some of these added components include the likes of electronic traction control,Halogen headlights,front and rear side curtain airbags,ABS as standard,Bluetooth connectivity,a CD player,Power steering,electric windows for the front of the car,a leather multi functioning steering wheel and air conditioning also comes along with this Aygo 1.0 VVTi model as standard. The purchase price on a brand new version of this Aygo comes in at a total of £10,195.






Peugeot 108 Puretech



Next in our line up is perhaps one of the newest vehicles in our countdown today. We welcome in the Peugeot 108 Puretech model. The 108 is a brand new Peugeot addition for this year and it was first revealed to the public earlier on this year in March from the Geneva motor show. The version of the car we are taking a look into today is the Puretech model of the car which is available with both three door or five door variants. We are looking at the three door version today. This version of the car comes fitted with a 1.2 litre 1199cc engine which is also joined by a standard five speed manual transmission system. A power deliverance of 82bhp is produced from this engine and helps the car to reach a top speed limit of 106 miles per hour which is helped to reach its destination by the eleven seconds in which it takes the 108 PureTech to hit the 60 miles per area from a standing start. An average of 4.3 litres of fuel is used for an estimated 62 mile journey with 99g/km C02 emissions being delivered on also.


Some great additional pieces of equipment also come along with this 108 Puretech model which could prove to be some key selling points for the car this year. A set of 14 inch steel wheels,LED daytime running lighting,electric front windows,remote central locking,USB connectivity and electric power assisted steering come along with the new 108. Safety also has a key part to play this time around also as we see the car come fully fitted with a total of six air bags,an electronic stability programme and ABS also comes fitted to the car all as standard. The price tag to come along with this version of the 108 comes in at £10,995 and could very well be the vehicle to take control of the city car sector for this year and years in the future.



The Seat Mii


Reaching our top two places today for some of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market this year, we welcome in the addition of the Mii from Spanish car brand Seat. The production of the Mii began in 2011 and virtually everything about the car is shared by the Skoda Citigo and the Volkswagen UP so it was a choice really of which vehicle to use in this spot. Both the Skoda Citigo and the Seat Mii are rebadged versions of the Volkswagen UP and all three vehicles are produced in the same factory. The only differences between the three vehicles are the design of both the front and rear exterior of the vehicle. A 1.0 litre 999cc engine comes fitted to the car which also benefits from a five speed manual transmission as standard. An average 95g/km C02 emission is developed from the car with the Mii also covering around 63 miles on 4.1 litres of fuel. A total top speed of 100 miles per hour can be reached with the Mii which is boosted along by the 14.4 seconds it takes the vehicle to sprint to the 60 mph area from a standing start. A total power output of 59 brake horse power is also developed from the engine. The car also benefits from a good amount of standard equipment like the stop start technology that is included,a panoramic sunroof and a CD.MP3 player. There are however optional pieces of equipment that come along with the Mii such as a built in sat nav system,DAB digital radio and a six speaker/Subwoofer sound system too. The standard selling price for a brand new Mii Ecomotive 1.0 litre model goes for £9,530 with prices for the car rising varying on whether optional extras are chosen.






The Fiat 500 1.3 Multijet


The Fiat 500 is the most famous vehicle that the Fiat brand has ever produced. The first ever production of the Fiat 500 began in 1957 and continued up to 1975. It was not until 2007 however that the 500 model really took of for the brand on a global scale and has since then seen many different variations of the city car go on sale. The version of the car we are focusing on today however is the 1.3 litre,1248cc Multijet Pop variant of the car. The Pop is the entry level model for the Fiat 500 vehicles and from this good sturdy engine that was included with the car during its production time, we see the car deliver on 95 units of brake horse power. Thanks to the combination of the five speed manual transmission system that is also included we see a top speed of 112 miles per hour reached from this 500 variant which is partly thanks to the 0 to 60 miles per hour sprint time which is achieved in a steady time of 10.7 seconds. This 500 model is one of the best fuel efficient vehicles in our list today as we see the on a journey of around 62 miles use just 3.7 litres of fuel ranging out at 76MPG. A total of 97g/km C02 emissions are also produced from the car.


Some added pieces of technology and equipment you can expect to get your hands on with this Fiat 500 model consist of central door locking, air conditioning as standard,power assisted steering,a leather covered steering wheel, front electric windows and cruise control too. The optional extras for this package also include automatic cruise control for an added £300 and electric rear windows also for £200. As far what you can expect from the car gadgets wise, the Fiat 500 1.3 Multijet features the fittings of a CD player and Bluetooth connectivity also. The total cost of a brand new version of this car currently comes in at £12,720.




The future of fuel efficiency and economy


More and more technological advancements are made as the years go by and recently companies such as Audi have been working on developing new power trains for their vehicles for example Audi have demonstrated this by their new Ultra range. With vast advancements being made for both petrol and diesel engine ranges one of the biggest displays of the present and future is of course hybrid vehicles. Hybrid/EV models are quickly on the rise and this sees many manufacturers enter the range. Fuel economy and efficiency is certainly a big deal on world wide car markets and with how far vehicles have developed over the past few years there is a strong possibility that fuel efficiency will continue to improve as the years go by.